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Just now, boyst said:

After seeing all of these safeties go and no one wanting to pay him - I think he has to stay for his own career 


If Miami was going to throw a bank truck at him they'd have done it. 

I would say Miami is out after getting Ramsey. They should probably be bargain shopping now other than maybe a starting running back on the way 

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Just now, The Jokeman said:

If you read articles it's more like other teams asking the Broncos for WRs.


But there were news reports from Denver about how these three WRs were unhappy with Wilson.

It is better for Broncos to get WRs who were not playing with Broncos previous to Wilson and not constantly pointing out how poor the offense has become since Wilson's ego seems to be hurt on move and Broncos are stuck on mule they are riding.

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22 minutes ago, aristocrat said:


Love to see another d tackle brought in cause we sure missed him in the cincy game. 

Greg Gaines of the Rams could be an interesting add as another stout run defender. Maybe a guy like Taven Bryan if you want more of a 3 tech. 

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1 hour ago, CNYfan said:

The Vikings reporter was on NFLN this am and he was down on Dalvin.  Low ypc, no burst, no breakaway speed.

They want him gone

The same Dalvin that went for 80 yards and outran our defense to the house? Or another Dalvin?

1 hour ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

wait what? Earlier you were convinced he was gone


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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