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Bengals @ Bills - Post Game Thread - January 22, 2023 - NFL Divisional Round Playoffs


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1 minute ago, Nator99 said:

This is going to be an unpopular take but I think this team overplayed and thought the Damar Hamlin good vibes and nation love they were getting was somehow going to just automatically convert to a win. The team was flat unprepared and got its butt kicked. We were bullied in our own home today. There is simply no way around it. We needed to stop with the thoughts that we were just going to be handed a SB because of the painful and stressful times the organization went through with Damar. I love Damar and we are happy for his health but the team did NOT handle business and was thoroughly embarrassed today. I don’t want to hear any homers try and dispute this. 

Yeah, this train went on a bit too long. That said, I'm not sure if there was anything that could have been done about it. Once it happened, it happened. Obviously glad he's gonna be okay but hard not to wonder about what things would have been like had it not happened at all.

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Game adjustments.  When your coverage clearly isn't getting there you need to mix in some cb blitzes.  You have to get there.  Even not stopping the run you can mitigate a little bit if you shut down the pass but you can't keep rushing 4 and not getting there if you coverage is consistently getting beat.

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We need to focus on our lines on both sides of the ball this offseason.  Allen was under a lot of pressure, and our front 4 couldn't do squat to a bunch of backups that the Bengals had out there.  Look at the Eagles and 49ers as examples.  If you have top lines in this league you win.


But, I expected the Bills to lose this one based on momentum.  We were not a consistent team the second half of the season, and it showed.  The Bengals are likely going to win the SB this year, and Burrow looks like he's the second best QB in football after Mahomes, but he might be the best one if they win it all.

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1 minute ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

How can you feel at all

like this gets better? You never even came close to stopping that team. Fraizer is an absolute ***** disgrace. All year this defense was horrible. Should have been fired last year after 13 seconds. Run it back with this guys and it’s just a complete waste of time. The Offense has to play perfect every game because this defense is terrible. Every physical team dominates us and this guy never changes what he does. It’s long since been figured out. For the love of god fire this guy tomorrow. Please 

Its McDermotts defense. Only firing Frazier won’t change anything. 

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