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    Let me get this straight

    I have to admit that I am getting tired of reading all of the negative press about the city of Buffalo. Rotoworld went bananas and said Buffalo is the "Siberia" of the NFL and very few players would want to go there. They also stated in a separate post that Brown's quality of life would go down if he were in Buffalo. Very tiresome. If you ask me, Buffalo beats Pittsburgh for a place to live.
  2. I have lived in NYC for most of my life, for better or worse. People in NYC, whether republican or democrat, have known about Trump's business practices for years. It was regularly in the news, and most of us at some point had interacted with someone who had been - shall we say - dealt a bad hand due to Trump. There is a reason why Kasich won the primary in New York County. Whether that should affect your feelings about him as President is up to you. Anyway, that's enough said on the subject for a football board!
  3. Murdox

    SNF: Colts at Titans for the last playoff spot

    I might take Nathan Peterman over Blaine Gabbert. That's all I'll say on the subject.
  4. I like how he explains his previous hits on sliding QBs by saying he was "falling into them" and couldn't stop. If what I saw I saw on the video is him "falling into" Allen, I hate to think what he looks like when he really launches himself at a guy carrying the ball. 🙄 I don't know if he's intentionally doing it or not, but he definitely needs to have a better feel for the game when QBs are carrying the ball.