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Bengals @ Bills - Post Game Thread - January 22, 2023 - NFL Divisional Round Playoffs


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How can you feel at all

like this gets better? You never even came close to stopping that team. Fraizer is an absolute ***** disgrace. All year this defense was horrible. Should have been fired last year after 13 seconds. Run it back with this guys and it’s just a complete waste of time. The Offense has to play perfect every game because this defense is terrible. Every physical team dominates us and this guy never changes what he does. It’s long since been figured out. For the love of god fire this guy tomorrow. Please 

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Just now, HalftimeAdjustment said:

They should probably replace both coordinators.

Dorsey should have never been named OC. I know Allen wanted the same offense, but it just didn't work.


Time to hire a legit OC who doesn't ignore the run game.

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It is always fun following the Bills and we will always be fans with higher expectations than what should be allowed.


But it is entertainment after all, so there is that.


The offseason should be interesting to say the least. 


I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds and how those of us here editorialize about it. 



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Terrible coaching

Terrible O-Line

No true #2 WR

No pass rush

No interior D


All of this focus and high draft picks spent on the defensive line who hasn't even had a sniff of the QB today against a back up filled offensive line.  We are trying to play a defensive style that needs pressure on the QB to succeed and we are routinely getting blown off the ball. 


Look, as long as we have 17, we will be in the hunt to win a championship.  We can easily be right back here in the same position 365 days from now with another opportunity, but man.......we have a lot of holes to fill and we could really use a philosophical change on how to play defense.  This Frazier/McDermott scheme doesn't instill fear into anyone and while they can get away with playing this style against bad teams, they can't against good ones.


There will be a lot of time to discuss things this off season, but my plans have certainly changed with how I am handling certain players.  If it's me, Poyer, Oliver, and even Edmunds (I like him more than most people do) can go.  No need to tie up big money in these players.  While they may be better than those that end up replacing them, it won't be dramatic enough to justify the price difference and we're going to need the cap space to upgrade other spots.  Go get a real #2 WR.  Diggs is great and Shakir has shown enough promise to keep.  Davis is fine to be on the team until he needs a new contract.  Everyone else can go and we need to give Allen some real weapons with some speed.  And, for the love of God, get some real offensive linemen in here.  We have 2 good lineman in Dawkins and Morse, but the rest are barely backup level right now.  Frazier has to be gone and a new system needs to be in place before next season.  


Beane is on the spot and there is a lot of work to do.  But many things that need to be done are obvious.  While we won't exactly be underdogs necessarily next season, we won't be favorites either.  It's going to be back to Buffalo vs The World and that's the way it should be.

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Burrow and Mahomes play on teams that are much more complete than Josh Allen does.


Too many undeveloped, underperforming players despite all the investments.  We've got barely a handful of players that you could build around.


They'll probably fire some scouts or position coaches as fallout, but the core coaching staff will be back.  Sigh.


I hated the Frazier hire when I first heard about it... he's here until we have a true disaster of a season or he quits.  

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Pathetic to have it all end this way. 

There isn’t a single departing player I would bring back.   

Blow up the offensive line.  Keep Groot, Jones, and Miller….lose the rest. 

I would bring in an offensive consultant to evaluate this season.   Do we have a bad scheme or is Allen really playing hero ball?  If no scheme, adjust our offense.  

Bring in new scouts.  We cannot seem to evaluate lineman on either side of the ball.   Haven’t drafted a pro bowl player in 4 years.   

McD gets 2 more years.  If we don’t make a Super Bowl by then, we move on 

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