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  1. You guys that are wishing the Chiefs well are better humans than I am. I get the whole losing to the eventual champs argument, but I'm way too petty for that. I want to see them crushed, driven before their enemies, and hear the lamentations of the women.
  2. Maybe we defend Tampa better in that first half, don't get spanked by the Colts, lose to the Jags, or let the Pats control game 1 by running at will. I'm not just thinking about Kansas City. I've seen opposing coaches (New England, San Diego) game plan to take advantage of Edmunds and do it well. I'm all for more help in the secondary, but I think we need an impact linebacker... not just a guy with great wingspan. Picking late in round 1, value at CB is usually there. McBeane has impressed me with their eye for talent at corner and I do feel that they will once again make the team better. I also firmly understand that Josh Allen is our MVP... we have to keep him protected and healthy, more offensive linemen are also welcome by this fan. We can't always get what we want... but hopefully we get what we need. Whatever that turns out to be, I know we're going to be knocking on the door again with #17. Nice!
  3. "The Buffalo Bills never win a Super Bowl as long as I'm alive."
  4. I always appreciated that it was after the Super Bowl and we got another chance to see our Bills' all stars one more time. And you're right... I believe both conferences played for pride... nothing like the jersey swapping, flag football competition they serve up today.
  5. I'm with you... either of those teams has a front four that can get pressure from anywhere. Reminds me of the high-scoring, undefeated Pats* going up against the Giants defense. I hope Stafford gets the ring that Barry Sanders never had a shot at. Spending most of your career in Detroit has to be soul-crushing.
  6. I griped when they changed the rules because Favre didn't get a possession in OT... but changing the rules isn't even on my mind after that game. I don't think that was a problem. I think the reality is that the rest of the World wishes that game had gone on forever... like Ragnarok. As a Bills fan, I have zero interest in rewatching it. Like a turnover, gotta put it behind us. We got the short end of the stick this time but I'm chomping at the bit for next year. I used to dread the Chefs as I once did the Pats... I knew they were the better team... but those days are gone. Josh Allen is a trooper, a leader, and doesn't have any quit in him. We've got to get keep getting better in the trenches, at linebacker, and tight end... then the sky's the limit. Some of our guys are going to develop and I trust Beane to get good value with what he's got to work with. As for McDermott, he just finished his fifth season as a head coach... we've enjoyed more success in those five years than the twenty years that came before. How was Belichick doing his fifth year as head coach? ...finishing up a 5-11 season and getting fired from Cleveland/Baltimore. McDermott's record as compared to Andy Reid's is quite similar... and Reid was in the Super Bowl in year 6.
  7. I know what you're saying... but our guys are going to get so used to playing there that the Chefs will lose some of that homefield advantage. I wish we had to play them again this week. Those bastards will dread seeing Buffalo on the schedule moving forward. I know there are no guarantees, but when our defense gets some teeth (we all know it's not where it needs to be, success notwithstanding) and we add or develop an impact TE... this is going to be the best team we've ever had. And that's saying something.
  8. YES! The lame azz "pro bowl" doesn't deserve him. I hope they have to ask Carson Wentz to play, serves them right. I've long since tuned out to the joke that it has become. It's a glorified practice and player beach party.
  9. And can you believe we were up 7-0 after Tasker blocked that punt? What a dreadful game. At least Beebe ran down Leon Lett and ruined his celebration. VaMilBill, I agree on those two regular season losses being memorable. During Sunday's game, Romo was talking about how unbelievable it was to give up nine sacks (Cincinnati) and win the game. All I could think was "yeah, like throwing five picks and winning the game". I, too, despise Nick Folk to this day. The McKelvin fumble was VERY memorable as well... especially since it was the Patriots. We HAD it. I never want to see Leodis McKelvin again. I'd also add the loss to the Steelers backups to miss the playoffs back in Bledsoe's day. We didn't just lose, we got beat. Wide right is hands down the worst, but I have to admit... I started my Bills fandom with a heartbreak playoff game followed by four straight Super Bowl losses. After those years, the other losses sucked... but not like those. As you point out, the blowouts were demoralizing while the bookend games were heartbreakers. Everyone in the World wants to re-watch this weekend's game with the exception of some Bills fans (like myself). I tell you what... many of us are seeing the Chefs as this obstacle that will keep us from the Promised Land... but I think their fans, just like the Chowder Heads, can see the writing on the wall... Josh Allen is for real... He's Mahomes in Roethlisberger's body. I'm looking forward to the rematches with them next year. This loss was tough for sure... but I think our Bills are going to get real good at breaking other fans' hearts sooner than later.
  10. Too funny... my wife and I had the same conversation!
  11. I agree with the comparison of Frazier's defense to Dungy's... but we need the front four. I don't think the rest of the defense works without pressure from the guys up front. I'd like to see us get a proven, veteran pass rusher. I wouldn't mind an upgrade at linebacker either. I don't know that Edmunds can QB our defense to greatness. We missed Tre, for sure. Tough loss... an amazing game that will probably get talked about for a while... how many lead changes there in the fourth? I hate the Chefs but they move on. It came down to the coin toss. I will enjoy watching our Bills knock them out of the playoffs next year.
  12. Mahomes does magical things, I agree... but when you consider Allen can match him throw for throw... AND he's built like a linebacker with a cannon for an arm... can truck grown mean when he has to... I'll take Allen. So glad too... he finally helped me move beyond the jealousy of that traded draft pick.
  13. And Gabe Davis. What a show. It's a shame someone had to lose this game. Both teams lit it up.
  14. I thought he had a good game and it made me optimistic for the future. It took Clowney two or three years to impact the game... maybe some of these guys will turn out better than we think.
  15. The Chiefs are all up in their window right now... I think we're still a team with ceiling. Our defense WILL get better. A front four that gets pressure and an upgrade at linebacker are on my wish list. The Chiefs are on top right now but in a year or two, I can see it turning our way. Josh Allen is the QB we have been waiting decades for! He went toe to toe with the almighty Mahomes and only lost because he didn't touch the ball last. It sucks right now but we'll enjoy being on the other side of it sooner than later. That game was pretty damn good... even if I hate how it ended.
  16. Before the game started, I told my wife he'd be easy to spot... guy with long hair always chasing the play.
  17. Leave it all on the field boys... thirty minutes left in this heavy weight bout.
  18. Watched the whole thing! Some great memories and a solid reminder that Tasker was a special player, and I echo Hall of Fame special. Blocked punts, amazing tackles, ball hawking, and I always enjoyed seeing him catch passes. Old football is great... those clips also reminded me of a lot of great announcers that I really miss.
  19. The Panthers aren't as bad as some people like to think. They usually play competitive games, even without McCaffrey. How many folks around here have changed their tune on the Colts being a "suck team" yet? Some of us are as bad as the pregame/halftime guys... we look at the standings and think we can accurately gauge a team from their record.
  20. None of the receivers did much to give him a target... looks like everyone just kind of hung out in their spot.
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