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  1. Phil, that's more than cool... I wasn't offended and I appreciate you guys that try to shut down the Mahomes regret that surfaces every time KC does something good.
  2. Don't get me wrong... I'm not here saying Boo Bills for not drafting the kid. I was not clamoring for the team to take Mahomes back then and I'm definitely not saying the Bills should have known better. To some fans, the context of the trades and where the teams were then doesn't matter... the Chiefs have a great QB and we have a project QB. It's a jealousy thing, pure and simple. I think that the only cure for that jealousy is winning and seeing consistently good/great QB play in Buffalo.
  3. Ultimately, I think it's up to Josh Allen to make Bills fans get over it. Until we have a QB that can win games with his arm, many will see Mahomes as the one that got away... he's going to be a playoff factor for a long time to come.
  4. Don't you have a Brady jersey to burn? It's going to be fun watching you guys crawl under rocks and disappear in the years to come.
  5. What did you say to him? I hope you were mean. Coleman should probably stay off the Internet for a few days, I expect it will get worse for him!
  6. No doubt... we stole that game. The Titans have put together a very good ball team... Mariota had been holding them back much more than I realized.
  7. While I have no love for Aaron Rodgers, I do have respect. I will begrudgingly concede that I've never seen a more accurate passer when it matters most. I also have a hard time pulling for KC but have to admit that it's mainly because we traded them the Mahommes pick and he's playing great. It's totally petty. The kid plays at a phenomenal level and seems to be a total class act on and off the field. As Josh wins more games with his arm, I expect my jealously to fade. I do need to appreciate the fact that we wouldn't have Tre White had we not made the moves we made and I LOVE Tre White!
  8. I find it cool that the team that ousted the #1 seed used McDermott's defensive strategy to win. I'm looking forward to Beane fixing the offense but I'm equally excited to see what toys Coach will get for our defense. Titans are dancing right now but it's a good time to be a Bills fan...
  9. I feel exactly the same way you do. I can't pull for the Eagles, no way, no how. But that shot Clowney put on Wentz was textbook targeting. If someone wants to defend the refs not calling it, okay... we can agree to disagree. But the league choosing not to fine him?!? The refs sitting on their flags in the playoffs isn't any better than deciding games with crap calls during the season. The league office is doubling down to save face with these reviews.
  10. If the Giants' Leonard Marshall hadn't knocked Montana out of the Championship game, it would have been the 49'ers the Bills met in Super Bowl XXV. I'm betting on a GB/KC super bowl but really don't have a preference on who plays this year. I've moved on and can't wait until next year starts. I can't pull for Vrabel either. I'll tip my hat to him though... he's doing a great job in Tennessee.
  11. Rome SO had that coming. I wanted to see Everett mop the set with him.
  12. That would be a pretty exciting matchup! I am not a Packers fan and really don't want to see them there but I think they'll handle injury-riddled PHI/SEA and just have to get past the Championship Game. As the wife and I were talking about NFL "narratives" (like New England winning the Super Bowl in 2001, when the country needed it most) and it just hit me. Why not get the two teams back together that played in the first Super Bowl? As good as the Ravens and Chiefs are, I'll be disappointed if they don't play in the Championship Game. I feel the Texans won't advance again but I'm not so sure about the Titans... they could surprise.
  13. That series there was gut-wrenching. After the failed fourth down, I just knew it was over. The Texans had the ball on our side of the field and I didn't see how we'd get it back and if we did, without the score changing. You've got to give credit to the Bills for even making it to overtime.
  14. It just came clear to me... what better Super Bowl matchup for the NFL's 100th anniversary than Green Bay and Kansas City? Brady is out, Brees is out... I'm thinking Mahommes vs. Rodgers... I can see the NFL marketing folks salivating now. I had the Saints to rep the NFC but there goes that.
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