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  1. The Stevie Johnson drop wide open in the EZ vs the Steelers. McKelvins fumble return against the Pat's when he just needed to go down. And the MNF onside kick against Dallas. I don't consider wide right to be worst play, or Music City Miracle as one was a long kick for Norwood on grass, and the other we were robbed by a forward lateral. The other 3 just poor awareness and execution by our own players to blow the game.
  2. All true except Shady was here for Josh's rookie season. They released him before the 2019 season after drafting Singletary and signing Gore.
  3. Foster had 1 monster year with 1690 rushing yards and over 2000 rush/receive. After that he never played more than 11 games and no more than 850 rushing yards. This at a time when teams like the Steelers were power running teams. This is what I would call a 1 year wonder.
  4. The best whiskey sours use raw egg whites instead of a sour mix. Gives you that nice foam.
  5. They addressed this in the Tampa Bay/Washington game on a called catch in the endzone. The review would have to show clear evidence that he lost control or didn't have control of the ball while 2 feet were down. A slight shifting in his hands is not loss of control. This is different than gaining control when ball contacts the ground.
  6. He's never thrown a red zone INT in the NFL. But I also cringe every time they mention it.
  7. How is it we have one win in our last 4 weeks, yet we are 6-2?
  8. Went back and looked at the formation. It wasn't illegal. You had Davis on the line and out TE on the other side on the line.
  9. Did you see the defender jumping to bat down the pass. Allen had to pull it back down and reset.
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