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  1. You can read the defensive alignments from the sidelines as well. So him talking in the headset from down below or from up top really doesn't give that much of an advantage.
  2. They also do it to tear him down and say he will never improve. None of us know how he will do moving forward, but I am quietly optimistic based on what I have seen from year 1 until now.
  3. Why not just compare Brady's 1st 20-22 starts and his whopping 212 yards a game average. These comparisons are ridiculous as they are different players with different skills on different teams.
  4. Go take a look at the record of the teams the Bears and Ravens played in those years. Quite a difference in the competition from what the Pat's have played this year so far outside of us and the Raven's.
  5. I'm just amazed at this all time great defense we are seeing tonight. Right up there with the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens!
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