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I’m kind of Over the Hines Experiment


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Also saw a lot of “we gave up Zack Moss and picks for this!” etc in the GDT thread, as if there’s still hope for Zack Moss.


Zack Moss had 1 carry for 2 yards last game for Indy. Prior to that he had, wait for it…2 carries for 7 yards, a career high for his time in Indy. He’s very much Zack Moss. It was Hines for a late round draft pick, Moss is meaningless.

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To be fair, on his two jet sweeps, one was a missed block and the other a bad read. I think they were both read-options. If Josh kept the second one, he runs up the middle for 10 yards. 

1 minute ago, Big C said:

-3 for Bush, Hines already at -8 through 3 games but can he keep up the pace?

haha— Bush really finished with minus 3!? That is great. 

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22 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

Idk about ya’ll but I was excited about the additional of Nyheim Hines.


It seems they’ve slowly, and finally started to work him into the game plan. He was heavily involved early, and then McKenzie started to take over those snaps.


It seemed like every sweep, handoff, or target was sniffed out, or went no where. I wonder if there was some sort of formation tell, or they keyed into him based on personnel or usage, but it just flat out stunk.


I’m not a huge McKenzie guy, but age again had a solid game. 

Im kind of over this trade. Let him return kicks and get touches here and there, and revisit this in the off-season.


Singletary is my guy. Let’s let him and Cook take it the rest of the way. 


it hasn’t begun yet.


he’s the returner who gets 5 or so play snaps.  I do see him being used in play wrinkles,come playoffs.

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27 minutes ago, Simon said:


I think one of the things that makes Hines continue to feel intriguing is that Cook still really hasn't looked like a good ballcarrier yet.

He's a better passcatcher than Motor but unless he has a gaping hole right in front of him, he cant get into the second level.

Hines is probably even a better ballcatcher than Cook and if he can run into the 4 and 6 hole he might be a better option than the rookie right now

I'm not giving up on Hines. They'll figure out his niche on this offense.  He's been steady in the return game aside from tonight. 

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53 minutes ago, Big C said:

IDK he’s going for a record # of negative yards with this team so I say let’s let this thing play out.

Yeah, and the negative plays weren’t necessarily his fault.  Singletary runs for 8, Cook for 6.  Hines comes in and a defender is untouched and nails him for a loss.

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