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I'm out on Romo

Dan Darragh

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4 minutes ago, Big C said:

“budding superstar” Dane Jackson was curious. 

"curious' would be an understatement. Lazy and incorrect would be more like it.


Calling everything "incredible" & "unbelievable", ad nauseum, was annoying and weird. You'd think a smart, affable ex-QB would have more to offer than this banality.

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Romo's appeal was prognostication, aside from that, he's really not prepared with stories or side conversations. I know it isn't baseball where they have to fill 4 1/2 hours so they need childhood stories, but something other than "this is what I'd do" would be nice. 

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I have been out for a while. He was interesting early on when he wad tipping plays. You were getting a sense of what a QB is seeing and thinking before the ball is snapped. CBS bizarrely decided he should stop doing that and without it he is a rambling, overly excited, talk too much color guy. 

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