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I'm out on Romo

Dan Darragh

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1 hour ago, Dan Darragh said:

Until now I've enjoyed Romo's commentary and his insights into the game.


Today I thought he talked too much about nonsense and was poorly prepared.  I'm done with him.

He just trys way too hard to manufacture drama. It's becoming a small annoying feature in his broadcasting style.

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1 minute ago, mikemac2001 said:

He was pushing the lions as this big underdog - like it was a miracle they were still in the game.


lions have played everyone tough this year so why is it such a big deal. That’s what was annoying 

Did they talk about the bills playing essentially two away games in 5 days at all?  It’s honestly pretty insane we went 2-0 with that goin on.  I had it on mute for most of the game lol

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     Olsen is just as boring and just throws out platitudes. Romo has quickly gotten stale. His comedic schtick is just not funny any longer. I mean , is this guy worth millions to listen too?  Compare to madden , summeral, Michael’s, Harlan, Gus Johnson , and these athletes turned announcers are novelties for a year or so.  Soon  their lack of broadcasting skills comes thru and they can only explain so many plays.  Is Tom Brady going to be worth 30 mil to hear?  He is boring and monotone all the time and they all are afraid to burn bridges with teams or players because they don’t want to burn their gravy train. Brady will kiss a## like usual.  Who turns in just to hear an ex player; while plenty turn the sound off to avoid the cliche diatribe. They just come across as intern broadcasters milking their sport when they are already millionaires and don’t have the passion that young, upcoming broadcasters do. Do you think they have  more passion to play the sport, or just talk about it!? 

     They have no pressure to excel because they already have FAME and money and they are not hungry.  Bring in new talent , not guys we have already heard for years drone on at their pressers. Stick to a few min on pregame or podcasts and bing in fresh voices! . Romo is a sarcastic joke now and he just diesnt seem sincere or passionate!  He is more interested in funny quips than being creative and bringing something new to his “ analysis”. .  I just can’t fathom how much these has- beens get paid to be bland  !  Yeah , I’m tuning in to fox to listen to Brady who I hated as a smart a$$ and whiny B for 20 years already !  Lol.   Chris Spielman was a. Athlete who did excel at broadcasting and added to the booth. I do miss him. Brady will be a male Beth Mowins , and I hate insulting her that way!  😀

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4 minutes ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

He lost me at calling Dane Jackson a budding superstar whilst getting absolutely abused this game 😂


"He will be fine, he is gonna be a good one Jim." 


One of Romo's stock phrases. Commentates like he is recording cliches for a computer game.

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1 hour ago, Process said:

Worst and most annoying announcer in sports. Been saying that for years.

Is this your first time listening to any type of sporting event?!?!?!


Beth Mowan

Leah Hextall

Jack Edwards


Look those 3 up and listen to them for 10 minutes. You will want to pierce your eardrums


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