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The last throw to Diggs


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35 minutes ago, Simon said:

Because yeah, this needs its own thread.


That was a AAAA rip; Arm, Accuracy, Anticipation, Arrogance


I didn't have sound but apparently Romo said that only about 5 guys in the history of the NFL could make that throw.

Who are they?


John Elway

Aaron Rodgers

Dan Marino

Steve Young

maybe Michael Vick?




Obviously Tua.  The only difference is Hill would have no one around him for 10 yards and the ball wouldnt get there until it went over the moon and back.


Seriously I would say Favre.

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It was an incredible throw considering Allen is playing with an injury to his throwing arm. That is a throw 1 out of 1 people can make under those circumstances and that man is Josh Allen.


That’s a throw that will make it on his end of career highlight reel

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There was a promo thing that Tyrod and Michael Vick did some years ago.


In it, Tyrod was telling the story of the two of them making throws on a field together and Vick being amazed at the throws Tyrod was making, and Vick was saying "I can't make throws like that."


So Vick has basically stated Tyrod has a better arm.


I'd add Brett Favre to the original list.  

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40 minutes ago, Matt_In_NH said:

Nice throw especially given the circumstances but this thread is over rating it. 

One of the best throws of his career easily…pretty close to if gabe Davis had come down with that final throw against the jets 

25 minutes ago, Beast said:

Remember people saying that the BIlls should have held last year (13 seconds)?


Should the Lions have taken a 15 yard penalty and head hunted Diggs? Or held themselves coming off the line?

I’m still curious how that would work in a game…you’re not allowed to hold to manipulate the clock

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Josh said Dorsey and he saw the play’s  D alignment on tape and put a play in for this specific Lions db case. They didn’t  see the layout until then and used it. I think it had to do with 2 db’s playing out route too heavy. Josh used 10 on his lame arm for a couple passes. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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