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NFL Week #12 - Bills at the Lions - 2nd half game thread


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2 minutes ago, Motorin' said:


I can talk constructively all day long about the things the team is doing well, and the things I think they should be doing better. 


I don't need project failure into the future to protect a fragile ego. And it really pisses me off hearing so many Bills fans root for failure bc it makes them feel better when the game is uncertain.  


We used to have a home field advantage and a crowd with an indomitable spirit that could will the team to victory. Now we have hysteria and fear in the stands, and the way guys talk during the game on this board is a reflection of the weak will of Bills fans. 

I think your thinking is way off. No one is rooting for Bills failure. It doesn't make anyone feel better. 


Instead, fans are frustrated by the terrible play by the team and coaching staff. Fans have right to complain just as much as they compliment good play. 

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