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NFL Week 11 Browns at Bills (Detroit) - 1st half game thread


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This team needs to find an Offensive Coordinator.

This offense looks totally out of sync and unprepared every week. Dorsey needs more time as an assistant to a coordinator who can actually game plan and prepare a unit.... at least that is what it looks like right now.

I don't see this offense finding their way under him. They have been trending in the wrong direction too long.

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4 minutes ago, Behindenemylines said:

I was a big believer in McD but I’m losing faith fast. He needs to relieve Dorsey of his responsibilities this game and maybe send a message.  

if this continues this game is over before half time and playoffs are a pipedream




Changes need to be made. This organization have taken a Super Bowl favorite with an MVP-caliber QB and have trashed it. Absolutely unforgivable.

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1 minute ago, AlCowlingsTaxiService said:

Never thought I’d be saying that this team lacks offensive weapons  … 

Why? It’s been Allen and Diggs for 3 years, hasn’t been a difference maker outside of Beasley and he’s gone.  They did absolutely nothing to help Allen in the off-season, they took away talented vets and didn’t replace them with anything near the same quality.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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