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Patriots may have a QB


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25 minutes ago, PatsFanNH said:

As a Pats fan I think we may have a top 10 draft pick after last nights performance.. 


They wont though.  Belichick and the roster is just good enough to stay +/- a few games of .500.  Good enough to stay in the hunt and maybe grab a wild card spot here and there.... but not bad enough to have a serious crack at premier pick(s) (aka QB).  

They will probably beat the Jets next week to get to 4-4.    Whoever starts at QB will look serviceable and many people will compare him to 2001 Brady or Josh Allen's stats in his 1st year.  


This is the purgatory we lived in as Bills fans for too long.  Debating over EJ Manuel, Trent Edwards, and JP Losman.  Watching a sound running game with a decent defense make up for deficient QB play in the eternal quest for a 1st round playoff exit... while Tom brady and Payton Manning Rothlisberger, (and Rivers) were playing in all the games that mattered.  


Also, in defense of Jones on that slide... It kind of looks like in fast motion, he slid, his ankle/leg was in danger of sticking/rolling under, and he quickly lifted his leg to avoid injury.  

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3 hours ago, BRH said:


Justin Fields (I know it's not his first year) showed me some of that last night.  He has the physical goods to be an elite quarterback if the Bears can finally get out of their own way (which isn't guaranteed).  Mac'n'Zap have none of that.  Neither does Tua.

Elite is a bit of an overstatement.  If athletic ability was all it took to be elite then there would be 32 elite quarterbacks in the league.  

IMO he looked horrible no matter how much the announcers tried cramming him down our throats. His throwing motion is horrible and he can’t process the reads.  

granted he can run and cut, but he isn’t an NFL starting QB 

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3 minutes ago, RoyBatty is alive said:

I vaguely remember that.  Was Mac on the ground?

Weren't the apologists saying he was using leverage to get the player down on the ground?  Love to see that againt.

I remember when Collinsworth was advocating for Chiefs players to do that to Josh.

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2 hours ago, mikemac2001 said:

didn’t realize he kicked someone else earlier on a slide then the nut shot

Mac Jones is a little B word who squealed like a pig when he sprained his ankle. If he keeps this punk ***** up he's going to get straight up murdered by a pissed off defensive lineman one day and everyone will stand around saying "that's a shame".

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Kinda goes without saying - but I'd rather be an older dude who lived through my team's struggles for years before finally having a great team to root for, than a Pats fan under 30 who has only known amazing success for their whole life.


Reading comments online, those fans are like trust fund kids.  Spoiled, angry, lost, delusional - how can a team not win?  Has my whole life been a lie?  When will they start winning Super Bowls every other year again?  No one told me it would be like this!


Poor things...


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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