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Bills and Tavon Austin mutually part ways

Steel City Mafia

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1 hour ago, hemma said:

I’m guessing he’d rather be thumb twiddling at his home with family/friends, rather than at an apartment outside of Buffalo.

I think this is right.  The weather is turning colder in Buffalo, he's making a less-than-great salary but still needs to show up for practice every day, and he just wants to hang out where he's comfortable.  But not being on some team's practice squad makes him even less visible than he has been to other teams.  

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47 minutes ago, JayBaller10 said:

You could tell in camp that Austin still had a lot of passion for the game and believed he could be a contributor. To have McKenzie go down, Crowder go down, Kumerow go down, and Davis running hobbled, if after all that he still couldn’t get the call up I don’t blame him for leaving.

If I was Hodgins and didn’t get called up this week I’d leave too… unless I was content getting PS money.
It’s odd Austin wouldn’t get activated, McD just spoke highly about him as one of the options they had earlier this week.


I agree with your Austin perception.  But I don't on the Hodgins take.  Austin has made $40M in his career and Hodgins $1.1M.

Hodgins will stay on the PS and if anyone picks him up, he will move.

If not, he has a chance to get to WR6 next season with the Bills.  Why would he just quit?

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2 hours ago, BuffaloBill said:

Guess he wants to end his Bills career after being Lamar. Maybe he thinks he should be in the MVP discussion.


Sad to hear this as the guy entered the league with a ton of athletic talent. He just never seemed to play up to it.


Sounds like Shakir is getting the start.  

It's time to kick the tires on Shakir & Hodgins. We need youth going forward at wr.

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2 hours ago, Beck Water said:


Translation: with Crowder on IR, Austin thought he'd be elevated to the 53, but the Bills are gonna move in a different direction?

that would be my guess as well.


I thought maybe he’d get promoted with Cwowder on IR, but I guess the Bills decided not to?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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