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Bills open at -14 next week against Steelers

Steel City Mafia

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Just now, MasterStrategist said:

Comment was about Tj Watt, who will be out this week

Right, I realized and edited my response.  The comment above was asking about tre and then I saw the comment about week 6 for Watt.


Mashed the two together and got "tre out until week 6".  All is well.

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2 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:

Thought Steelers mostly rushed just 4 last year?  It wasn't until late in game, that we decided to stop going empty and run with Motor.


Lots of great connections in this game:

1. Brothers: Tremaine and Terrel.  Although Terrel may have suffered a concussion


2. Pitt Boys: Dane and Hamlin, both local Pitt kids & college, going against their childhood team


3. Levi / Trubisky return: Mitch likely won't be playing, but Levi's 1st game back in B-lo.  


4. Coaching buds: Tomlin and McDermott former college teammates


5. Rivalry: in past few yrs, this has been a contentious battle and 1st game Pitt will play Buffalo without Ben since 2004

They really made it a point to get the ball out of Allen’s hands. Daboll refused to adjust when they where literally begging him to run a draw or screen. 

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20 minutes ago, Rc2catch said:

The Steelers are a mess. The offense especially. It has the looks like the players have quit on their coordinator the last two weeks. 
Pickett threw 3 picks and had a fumble in one half. 
They might start Rudolph at this point. 

I always liked Rudolph in college.  LOL


We'll know how sharp and on our game we are.


If we are, it will be another Tennessee type game.


We should be able to embarrass them.


But the injuries are still out there, etc..



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The Bills, at their best, beat the Steelers by 40 points. But we're in a bit of a funk right now. Not the well oiled machine we are capable of being. 


So I say we win by 4 TDs. 


They can't make a spread big enough to stop me from betting the Bills this game. 

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37 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

We going to get the rookie QB in his first start on the road against arguably the #1 defense in the league? 

Only bright spot for them is the bills have almost zero film on Pickett as a pro. 

Honestly, Pitt should have made this move before the Jets game because that was a way easier matchup than the Bills. 

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40 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:

Steelers got banged up a bit on defense against Jets, but think most of them finished the game.


That's a lot of points, and we're one dimensional on offense right now (similar to LY).  


Steelers offense still predicated with the 50/50 deep passes, even with Pickett.  And still capable of generating pressure with only 4man rush.  


I'd take Bills, if forced to bet, but would stay clear of this one.

I had the Ravens and 3.5 points. The hook was the key for me. Got lucky but it was the best of both worlds. Bills win and I win. 


Fast forward to the Steelers. 14 points is a boatload of points in an NFL game. Back door cover is in play. My initial thought is to stay away from the game. However, I can easily see the Bills blasting the Steelers too. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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