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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - 1st Half Thread


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1 minute ago, Playoffs? said:

How much emphasis are these announcers making on the “poyer no call??”  

have they been watching??

This from the guys that didn't mention that non-holding call that set up the 1st Baltimore FG.  Their crappy network knew it was bad, they didn't show a replay.

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Just now, colin said:



Great drive.  Imagine this team w like hand offs, toss sweeps, screens, near average NFL RB play


^^^ This. If we had an NFL caliber RB we would be a pretty dangerous OFF.  I would add stretch runs to the mix. 

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1 minute ago, stevestojan said:

My biggest gripe is fans wearing ponchos. They do nothing but keep a portion of your torso dry and feel like a steam trap after 2 minutes. It’s just water you fools. Suck it up. 

Well aren't you a tough guy.


How long did you serve on Seal Team 6?



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3 minutes ago, ndirish1978 said:

Baltimore had a hold on that BS 20 yard play, I don't want to hear a single thing from them about officiating.


They also got a stop on that exact same early contact from one of their DB's on McKenzie.

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Just now, Nextmanup said:

Barring the Tennessee game, we have been saying stuff like this every game so far.


Lots of mistakes and sloppy play, even in the LA blowout.




Bro, this is a very good point.


We have not had any discipline on O wrt protecting the ball.

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