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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - 1st Half Thread


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3 minutes ago, Bills!Win! said:

 I missed the first 5 minutes, Who had the ball first?


Bills won the toss and elected to receive instead of defering.  Hope they never do that again.  Threw an INT early leading to Baltimore scoring a TD at the begining of the game

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14 minutes ago, ngbills said:

Our mid and deep passing game has disappeared last two weeks. 

Lol because no one respects the run there rushing Allen and dropping everyone in coverage. It’s just too easy for the defense. 

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Just now, ScottLaw said:

RB isn’t the problem…. Despite McBeane using a ridiculous amount of multiple high picks on them. The line can’t run block for *****. 

It's both.


O line can't block, but their RBs also can't make anything.

Singletary is average, Moss and cool are horrible

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2 minutes ago, OldTimer1960 said:

Problem isn’t the RBs.  Run blocking is horrible.  


I think we are both wrong/right.  It's all of it, and scheme, but imo great rb play can get the line blocking better 


And while the run blocking is usually cheeks, easy passes getting dropped all the time is on the rb

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4 minutes ago, stevestojan said:

My biggest gripe is fans wearing ponchos. They do nothing but keep a portion of your torso dry and feel like a steam trap after 2 minutes. It’s just water you fools. Suck it up. 


That is awesome. I love that after the half we just saw, fans ponchos is your biggest gripe. 🤣 that post just cheered me up. Respect. Thank you. 👍

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