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NFL "Around the League" Gameday thread


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10 minutes ago, aristocrat said:

No you move the goal posts as you see fit to follow your narrative.  

one guy didn’t take a vaccine but followed all safety protocols. 

the other guy follows a guy who sold fake cancer drugs to cancer patients.


we are not the same 


Here are my goal posts (they have NEVER moved) - I think Aaron Rodgers is a self centered, smug jerk. The “immunized” stuff doesn’t really bother me as much as it points out that he’s all about himself. Often, it’s not WHAT you do, but HOW YOU DO IT that makes impressions.  It’s not about medicine, it’s about the person. I’m not “vax fixated”, I don’t much care. I just don’t like the guy. 


I’m not saying I like Brady, or any of his minions, I’m just saying Brady is all about winning. In my opinion, Rodgers is all about Rodgers, and it would be nice for him if he won. If not, he will blame the young guys he refused to work with for being in the wrong place or dropping the ball. 


I’m not judging Rodgers by people one or two layers removed from him. I look directly at Rodgers and generally don’t like him. It’s not “hate”, life is too short for that. I just think he’s a smug “look at me” guy, and that’s not my style. I prefer humility to smugness. 


Now, no offense, and I have generally enjoyed your posts, but I don’t see anything positive coming from continuing this back and forth. Have a nice night. 



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1 minute ago, PetermansRedemption said:

I still firmly believe they were the third best team in the AFC last year. Had they played a Bills or Chiefs team who didn’t give it absolutely everything the week before, they would have lost. 

Bengals have lots of weapons but that OL is going to have to improve significantly. Regardless each week I’ll be rooting for the AFC to beat up on each other and the Bills to win the head to heads. 

IE: Beat TENN, KC, BALT and Cinncy while winning the AFCE.

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2 minutes ago, LEBills said:

He does. Josh says he and Mahomes have a good relationship but Mahomes hates Josh taking the headlines.

I dunno, I perceive it more as two young QBs at the top of their game, at the top of the NFL, being ultra competitive with each other while maintaining a positive relationship off the field.  Or maybe they hate each other 🤷‍♂️

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5 minutes ago, PetermansRedemption said:

The pecking order in the AFC is completely clear after today. Bills, Chiefs, nobody. 

Last year until W5 when Chiefs were struggling and we beat them everybody was saying its just the Bills and then everybody else.


Then we lost to the Titans and then Jags while Titans and Chiefs were winning everything and all of sudden things looked quite different.


Too soon to judge after one game.

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7 minutes ago, SirAndrew said:

The Daboll/Jones relationship is going to be interesting. I don’t think Jones has what it takes to be a good NFL QB, regardless of coaching. Daboll constantly chewing out Jones while the team looks like a mess is going to turn ugly in NY with that media and fanbase. 

Yeah this and also the fact that MAYBE Daboll gets exposed for not being the real reason that Josh Allen and the Bills were so good on offense. 

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1 minute ago, TheProcess said:

Cardinals are an embarrassment 

they suck. team is built completely the wrong way.

1. Overpaid and undersized QB thats a poor leader and doesnt watch film

2. Lackadaisical spread offense playbook that relies too heavily on the big play

3. Poor o-line and defense.

4. Old running back

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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