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What jerseys do you own?

Victory Formation

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For the Bills I have a Kyle Williams knock off. I gave my Takeo Spikes Bills jersey to my Dad


Also have Ronnie Lott (SF), Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen (Raiders), Ken Stabler (Raiders), Tim Brown, Randy Moss (Raiders), Jake Plummer (Cards), Kurt Warner (Rams), Brian Westbrook (Eagles), Michael Vick (Falcons) and Hines Ward (Steelers). 


Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators)

No name Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators jerseys

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Randoms mostly...


Sammy Morris 

Dante Whitner 

Freddy Jackson (bday present that came in the mail the day he got cut :( )

Custom jersey that says "Yall" (that was another bday present)

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Paul Pozluzsny 

Josh Allen (for my daughter)













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#23 Troy Vincent - blue

#28 Leodis Mckelvin - blue

#94 Mario Williams - blue (ugly yoke collar)

#17 Josh Allen - white


 Good story about the Troy jersey. I worked at a golf company near Trenton, NJ and my good friend grew up with Troy just across the bridge in PA.  Troy came into the office one day and we got talking. I told him I was a Bills fan and he said he was interested in playing golf. So I swapped him some clubs for his jersey!


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2 hours ago, GunnerBill said:

I only have one Bills jersey and it is a 99 Dareus. I bought it the year the Bills came to London. They had limited player choices and I was trying to find a player that was going to be on the team a while... the other choices were Mario Williams (who most had already figured was in his last year in Buffalo), Tyrod Taylor (yea, was never buying that) or Sammy Watkins. Dareus had just signed that massive extension two months before and I thought he was the safe choice. Oh well. 



Sounds like it time to buck up!

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An official Fredex.  Pretty cool as a decade ago my financial planners took possession of one of my 401K’s and sunk it into a really cool annuity.  They kept offering g to take my ex and I (we were still married then) out to a nice dinner as a thank you for the business.  I traveled a lot for work and my ex kept telling these guys who are good friends to not bother as I have to go out to nice dinners all the time for work.


So they bought me an authentic Fredex jersey (blue).  I still love it.  Best gift I’ve received in a long time.


I also have a blue retro Kelly jersey.


I really want a white one so might get an Allen this year.  I still can’t believe these damn things cost more than a beautiful shirt from Nordstroms.


I don’t know why people buy tons of these things, but it’s fun to have at least one or two.

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Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, Flutie, and Poz (afl 50th anny one). Almost had a Matakevich but the guy that sold it to me started ghosting me as soon as I sent payment. Have a PayPal claim going for that one. 

That bummed me out, I don’t even care about the money, it was signed and I wanted to wear it to the Bills-Ravens game. Something about the double 4’s I like. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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