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Happy 97th Birthday Marv Levy


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10 minutes ago, Chandler#81 said:

97? 😳


I thought he was 97 in ‘93!🤔

Couldn’t agree more—whilst some are eternally “ageless” like Paul Rudd for example, others are eternally ancient like Marv and Bob Barker? 🥴


All the same, Happy Birthday! :thumbsup:

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I think I've mentioned on this board that I had the great privilege to have gotten to know Marv and his family a little bit, a few years back. I'm not easily star-struck, and have met probably more than my fair share of celebrity types in the line of work I used to be in, but I can vividly remember how giddy and nervous and awestruck I was to meet him.


The best part? Marv is often called "the Gentleman of the NFL" and he's an even better human being than that (or his general reputation) gives him credit for. There's probably a handful of people on this earth that could supersede that (though I can't think of any off the top of my head), but getting to spend time with Marv Levy will forever be one of my all-time life highlights. 


Happy Birthday to a truly special and wonderful man!

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59 minutes ago, NickelCity said:

We share a birthday and I wrote him a letter about it as a child. He sent back a note with a signed picture. Or it was my grandma. Either way, I was a happy camper. 


Your eyesight must be pretty bad if you can't tell a picture of Marv Levy from a picture of your Grandma. 

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4 hours ago, Beerball said:


Granted, I was super young but wasn’t his big problem was that he was too loyal. Like he should have fired his DC after the first SB. The idea that they put arguably the greatest pass rusher in a 3-4 is insane.


and happy birthday to Marv. One of the nicest and genuine human beings I have ever met. 

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"yom huledet sameach"  Happy 97th Marv!


Flew from BUF to Chicago Midway on SW in 2006 and sat next to him. He was over 80 and still might have been the sharpest person I had ever spoken with.  

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6 hours ago, otagoyellow said:

Wrote him a letter following the Bills' loss in the playoffs earlier this year. As I kid, I always loved this quote he used to share: 


"Fight on my men, Sir Andrew said. A little I’m hurt, but not yet slain. I’ll just lie down and bleed a while… Then I'll rise and fight again." 


Thanked him for that. Came in handy to lessen the blow after that game and at other points in my life previously. Guy took the time to pen a handwritten note back thanking me and extolling the virtues of Bills fans and the city of Buffalo. Such a class act.  

How did you know where to send the letter?

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8 hours ago, Solomon Grundy said:

Marv and Brady with same born day😳😱


6 hours ago, sunshynman said:

Sharing my bday with Marv. Season 7 Reaction GIF by The Office


and Brady! Season 5 No GIF by The Office




Tell me more.. Are there websites dedicated to honor this day?!

It’s my natal anniversary as well! 

Happy Birthday to us!


(Martin Sheen, as well.)

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Marv sent a get well note to a buddy from high school who was struggling with cancer.  It meant so much to him and was so encouraging.  


He sent me a note while I was deployed with the Marines after 9/11.  John Butler told me that if there was a hall of fame for wonderful people he would be in that as well.     


We can all learn much from this man about being a decent person.   

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