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  1. He battled wrist, ankle and core injuries at various points. As for size vs. Worthy, think it’s both a relative thing — he’s alight at 6’1 whereas worthy is just all-around a smaller guy, as well as cumulative — bad combine/lost weight, etc. No clue what the deal is but at this point he’s too talented for the lack of risk… Dude only has 17k followers. Without looking deeper into who the hell he is and if he’s legit, hard to believe he’s that well embedded, if at all.
  2. Not to mention the draft process is grueling. I’m a Duck honk so would be super cool to get him but I’m also a Bills fan and the player I saw is a damn good one.
  3. Man… I watched every game of this kid’s career. He played hurt, he played sick, never said a word when he was sitting and learning behind vastly inferior players, never took a play off, was a leader in the locker room. I know you can’t know what’s in a guys heart but I have a VERY hard time believing that he’s dropping due to heart. Size and injury feels exceedingly more likely.
  4. Need a corner, Khyree Jackson would be an awesome scheme fit but from the limited tape I’ve seen of Tampa he could be good too. Need offensive weapons, any combo of Franklin, Jatavion Sanders, Johnny Wilson would be nice. Mo Kamara please.
  5. Unless we’re trading for a vet I think he’s the guy too
  6. I’ve said it before on here, he’s a saner Antonio Brown
  7. Yeah I can’t see Coleman as the pick. He’s a guy that’s going to take a couple years and even then may be a specialist type. Doesn’t feel like a great fit for a team trying to win a Super Bowl and needing WRs to step immediately into a starting role. As probably THE loudest guy on this board wanting DK even over Oliver, I feel this one, for sure. Beane probably shouldn’t be anywhere near as Teflon as he is. Guess we’ll see…
  8. Both have had their hits and misses. Again not really my point though. For all we know all of these guys had some major enough red flag that Beane and co. weren’t even considering them. Think of it that way — Reading the hundreds of posts on here and Twitter of fans freaking out about the same 3 or 4 dudes — what a waste of time and energy and emotion, all for something that potentially doesn’t even exist. As with all drafts, only time will tell. That’s one of the biggest challenges in drafting 21 and 22 year old young men, none of them are even grownups yet. I have my opinions and favorites like everyone else, but without more info I have no idea how reasonable or realistic those are.
  9. 100% right, but also wasn’t my point. All of these ranking sites and message boards are being populated by fans with extremely limited information. When even the pros with all of the info get it wrong as often as they do, it’s just not worth the hysteria that some folks are bringing.
  10. Yeah 2 2s is too rich for a guy they have to move. Especially with a number of other quality vet wrs reportedly on the market. Fortunately that’s types of trades, when they happen, are rarely ever close to the rumored price.
  11. Not advocating for it necessarily, just saying that he feels like he checks a lot of the boxes. Certainly enough to at least be discussed
  12. I’ve been surprised there’s not more talk of JPJ or Kool-Aid. Both great fits in our schemes, good/great value and spots of fairly significant need.
  13. 100% this. It’s human to want the bright and shiny object, but this team has a lot of needs both short and long-term.
  14. We’ll never get the real truth, but I think it’s safe to say that so far, the market has spoken for itself…
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