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  1. I'd be shocked if TB takes him (think there's a much higher likelihood of them trading out of that spot if he falls there) -- he's not a NT, but could ostensibly be tried at 5T? The Jets are the Jets, there's absolutely no way to know what they're thinking, but if they DID take Q, I'd be interested to see what their plans for him were, or if Leonard might be available? I'd gladly take him as our 3T (not that I think they'd trade with us, but it'd be intriguing...) Similar deal with SF -- if they take Q, one of their young DL may become available. Doubt it'd be Buckner, but Armstead or Solomon Thomas might be nice, young affordable pickups in that event. I think there's a real chance he falls to 5 -- especially when you take into consideration the fact that it's entirely possible one or more teams trade up for a QB... Whether its the GMen or somebody else, he's way too good to fall too much farther than that. I think we'd need to trade with TB to secure him if he got that far...
  2. Of course there's an argument that he could be BPA at 9. He's a generational athlete at a position of need whose comps are some of the best WRs of the past few decades (if not ever) -- that is the argument. While none of your points above are really wrong, they're also not necessarily the point, and I think that's the biggest thing that Metcalf deniers are missing. Not every WR needs to be a blur when it comes to short area quickness. Not every WR is going to win with precise routes. A guy built like Mecole Hardman is going to have a natural advantage in the agility game, just like a motorcycle is going to be more agile than a mack truck -- that doesn't mean that the motorcycle can't be more effective in certain things. DK Metcalf wasn't ever going to be a jitterbug, but if you watch his film, look at his makeup (height/weight/bulk/strength/wingspan) and how he uses those to his advantage, he doesn't need to. As others have posted, we wouldn't be asking him to run the same routes as, say, Cole Beasley, and that's okay. To your point about not being the best player on his team, that's also not really the point -- firstly, he was every bit as good as Brown when he was on the field, secondly he fits the type of player we need far better than Brown. Everyone has their own opinions on the draft and its prospects, that's what makes it so much fun, but to say that DK Metcalf doesn't have star potential or that "there's just no argument that dk could be bpa at no. 9....none" is peak silliness. It may end being Oliver (size), Sweat (still developing as a pass-rusher), Taylor (can he transition to LT?), Hock (value of drafting TE at 9?), Burns (size), or (god help us...) Gary (unproven at his projected position) but each of these guys have as many question marks as DK Metcalf.
  3. Fuel, please meet my good friend fire... https://twitter.com/evansilva/status/1118582965582344193
  4. glazeduck

    Your draft sleeper pick

    QB: Ryan Finley -- great size, great arm, analytics bear out... If there's a later-round QB who goes on to become a success, it'll be Finley. RB: David Montgomery -- only sort of a sleeper, but I think he's got Leveon Bell upside, probably goes in the 3rd or 4th rd Rodney Anderson -- again, only a pseudo-sleeper, probably a day-2 guy... all depends on health, but uber talented Ryquell Armstead -- small school kid with prototype size and athleticism... shows a lot of good traits on the field too. Elijah Holyfield -- phenomenal feet, patience, power, balance and vision. James Williams -- won't be a feature back, but will be a high-end satellite back WR: Deebo Samuel -- another pseudo sleeper, but my bet to be the most "underdrafted" wr of this group. Mecole Hardman -- Looooooooove this kid, just wish we had a need for a dynamic slot guy. Terry McLaurin -- Mecole Hardman Jr. Stanley Morgan Jr. -- suuuuuper high floor, unfortunately (in my opinion) very limited ceiling -- will be a solid #2 guy for a long time in the league... just not what I think Buffalo needs Antoine Wesley -- basically everything you're getting in a guy like Butler or Boykin, a couple rounds later. Won't become Randy Moss, but I could see him becoming Vincent Jackson... TE: Josh Oliver -- agree with everything that's been said about this kid. LOVE his game. Caleb Wilson -- kid was one of the top TE prospects going into the year and disappeared... It's been a rough few years for UCLA and he looks way more athletic and dynamic on tape than his combine numbers suggest. Could be a late round or undrafted steal for someone. OL: Nate Davis -- big, versatile, mean, more athletic than his size suggests Tytus Howard -- probably will be drafted too high to be considered a true sleeper, but very good athlete with great measurables... definitely an intriguing project at the right price Chuma Edoga -- tape ain't great, neither is the culture at USC, but was a highly ranked HS recruit, has great length and solid athleticism for the position... A lot of kids come from SC undeveloped and turn into good ballplayers, he could be one of them. DL: Justin Hollins -- complete project, and probably a rough fit for 43 DE, but phenomenal length and athleticism, great motor, smart kid and a relentless competitor... I'm betting on him outperforming his draft position in the right system Joe Jackson -- just don't get why people are so low on him. Has the potential to be a top 3 guy at his position. Byron Cowart -- there's a LOT to clean up for him physically and personally, but there's a diamond in there somewhere, and he's still super young and learning the DT position. Longer term project, but could lead to a reward in the right culture/system. Khalen Saunders -- another maybe only pseudo sleeper, but sign me up for a guy his size that can do backflips on command... DB: Ugo Amadi -- emotional leader of a tremendously improved Oregon defense. Do-it-all guy who's undersized, has a little honeybadger to his game. Kendall Sheffield -- highly rated HS recruit who will need to redshirt due to injury. High character kid with a lot of solid CB measurables -- injury probably drops his stock below where he'll contribute when healthy. Marvell Tell & Iman Marshall -- see Chuma Edoga... Great athletes, prototype size, underdeveloped.
  5. There's a lot of posters on this board who think that DK Metcalf became a draft prospect when that pic came out and all he is is a chiseled body and a great combine performance... Which is sad, because the reality, for those who were paying attention, is that Metcalf has been one of -- if not the -- top WR prospects for the past couple years. It's funny, you can provide all the + arguments for him in the world and they make no impact, but any reference to "injuries" (which none of us can argue against because we have no idea how those checked out, not to mention the fact that logic would suggest he'd be off the board if his health didn't check out 🙄) or "route tree!!!" ignoring the fact that he compares physically and in tape review to guys like Calvin Johnson and Nuke Hopkins is all it takes to "win" the argument...
  6. glazeduck

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    Just a guess -- probably to protect and keep things manageable for the kids -- these are still 21 and 22 year olds... Imagine having to go to 32 job interviews in a matter of weeks, especially when they're as intrusive and intense as these are. Just not really feasible. Or beyond that, imagine being that kid and trying to keep some semblance of life balance in these final weeks -- you wouldn't want to turn any team meeting/interview/workout down... It'd just get to be too much. I don't know if these kids are technically part of the NFLPA yet, but that feels like something that they probably built into the system to manage loads... Probably other reasons as well, but that's the one that comes to my mind...
  7. glazeduck

    Do you want a WR at 9?

    Hopefully to another team...
  8. glazeduck

    Do you want a WR at 9?

    This is really all that needs to be said. Period. Full-stop. This franchise goes as Allen goes, so whatever helps him achieve that ceiling. We've shown that we can find undervalued defensive players, we've significantly improved the offensive line issues. To me, the biggest glaring holes of talent on this team are still TE and WR (yes, we've added to that unit, but Foster was undrafted for a reason, Zay has been hot and cold, Brown has issues with migraines and is a one-trick pony and Beasley is both tiny and has battled his own injury issues (Duke Williams is not a guy that should be counted on, at least in the "what is going to help our franchise QB hit his ceiling" discussion...) For a deep-throwing QB who excels in motion, a big-play/uber athlete at WR makes more sense to me than a solid/reliable TE. I just don't see it as a premium position...
  9. glazeduck

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    So incredibly myopic, got it. I find it hard to believe that a team with a raw rookie QB, a terrible OL and an undrafted rookie as its most dangerous offensive weapon is somehow going to be better than next years'? I just don't see that... I'm far from a sunshine pumper, but we'll be at least middle-of-the road.
  10. glazeduck

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    That's not even remotely what the time value of money means. Unless you have an incredibly myopic view if the direction this team is headed, it's all but a guarantee that we will be picking later than 9th next year...
  11. glazeduck

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    My overly simplified logic to trading next year's 1 vs. this year's 2 is twofold... 1. Call it the "gas pricing" strategy -- just like $2.99.99 will always feel less than $3.00, a first round pick will never not be a first round pick, and a second round pick will never BE a first round pick (so it psychologically, could have at least slightly greater perceived value in trade negotiations -- maybe you can get a 5 back or something because of the number)... 2. This year's picks are already set in stone -- we have the 8th pick in the 2nd round -- that's a valuable (relative to the round). Next year's picks are not. Obviously it' hyperbole, but if Q makes some MASSIVE difference and this team wins the Super Bowl, our first round pick next year is 32 -- not a good pick (relative to the round). Beyond that, with all of our free agency acquisitions, it's not hard to envision our pick at least being middle of the pack next year. Time value of money and all that...
  12. glazeduck

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    Everyone is done evaluating -- have been for weeks now. That I can promise you. Short of a major issue like an injury or something unknown coming out, teams know (or, think they know) who these guys are. That doesn't mean draft strategy isn't continuing to evolve (which is probably more what you're saying)... I said in another thread that if a couple QBs go higher than expected (which they always do) that it wouldn't be unsurprising for Q to fall to 5 or 6. At that point, Buffalo could absolutely get up to get him...
  13. glazeduck

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    I think you can make that argument -- certainly ONE OF the top WRs. There's a lot of ways to play WR -- not everyone needs to be Desean Jackson fast or run Antonio Brown type routes... When you watch DK's tape a few things stand out: 1. He's extremely difficult to press and is a great hand fighter -- that creates separation 2. His mass + explosion creates a "snowball rolling downhill" effect very quickly, so he's hard to move off his route -- when you're where your QB needs you to be, when he needs you to be there, you don't have to have as much separation (+added bonus of playmaking ability with the ball in his hands) 3. His routes and short area quickness are far from perfect, but his size, strength and general size make him a bear fir defenders to have to work through. If he gets his face across the defender's, he's got him beat, end of story -- that's also separation 4. He's got an enormous catch radius -- that can also create separation both laterally and vertically 5. The concern about his lack of production -- for me -- isn't the lack of production, in itself at all, but rather the inability to have enough game tape to see him play and react to different situations... From the small sample size that there is though, it appears that he's also a very smart, focused and competitive WR. You can see him set up his man mid-route, you see catches that only the most gifted AND focused of players can make, and I don't think I saw one ball thrown his way that he didn't give 110% for. 6. On top of all of that, he can definitely be an effective run blocker, when he wants to be. Cards on the table, I've fully talked myself into DK at this point, and (as has been said many, many times) no question he comes with some uncertainty... But at 9 -- barring Quinnen Williams falling far enough to be gettable -- and with the positive momentum this franchise has going for it, I think hitting on the highest ceiling player in the draft is too exciting of a prospect to pass on. If he's healthy, that is!!!
  14. glazeduck

    Simms Top 5 WR (draft prospects)

    First of all, I'm as white as they come, so you're barking up the wrong tree there. Second of all, who are all of these "a lot of white wide receivers" that are being "way underdrafted"???? The most successful contemporary white WRs are... Eric Decker -- was coming off of a devastating injury Wes Welker -- tiny, played in what was considered a gimmicky offense in a conference that doesn't play defense Jordy Nelson -- early 2nd round pick -- far from underdrafted Julian Edelman? -- transitioning from playing QB Chris Hogan? -- dude was a lacrosse player Curious to know who all of these brilliant white football players are that you're referring to who were so devastatingly insulted in the draft...
  15. glazeduck

    Simms Top 5 WR (draft prospects)

    You're right. Figured I'd give him a little benefit of the doubt, but on rereading his post... there's nothing bordering about it.