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  1. For the record, I'm super hopeful all of these guys pan out. Just seeing a lot of posts about how great we did and thought I'd share my perspective. Would love nothing more than to be dead wrong on the ones I'm less than excited about.
  2. Separation is about a lot more than just explosion, it's ankle and hip agility, it's setting up CBs, it's knowing how to run routes against man v zone, hand placement/fighting, etc. This is why most GMs don't take too much away from the combine, literally no one in the NFL has ever run a straight line in shorts, unguarded in a game. Hodgins had a hard time creating separation against a lot of middling-to-bad DBs in the P12. He's going to have his work cut out for him against NFL CBs.
  3. You're making a lot of incorrect assumptions here... I've seen Moss play in person 3x, I'm basing my opinion on him on a lot more than just his 40 time. I gave the K a "pass" (as in pass/no pass), how else would you recommend I grade a Kicker taken in the 6th rd? Feel like I said a lot of the same things you said about Hodgins. Great hands are great, but if you can't get open in the NFL, you're not going to get thrown to. Hodgins is going to have trouble separating in the NFL, but he's big and has good hands, cool. I've seen Fromm play several times as well. Not sure how you can just assume I don't know anything about him because I didn't write anything about him. I didn't write anything about him because I don't feel like there's much to say. Weak armed QBs don't succeed ANYWHERE in the NFL, let alone a place where the wind blows like Buffalo. That's going to be an issue. But apparently you felt like everyone of our picks were going to make the HOF... This was part of what I was trying to get at. It feels like this draft was "safe" in a lot of respects, as opposed to pushing for new/different elements to the team. Moss could certainly help on the goal line, as could Hodgins, potentially, but this is now 2 drafts in a row we've opted for tougher, older-school football players, rather than more dynamic athletes... Which, in today's NFL, is definitely an interesting decision...
  4. Firstly, appreciate you being what would appear to be the first to have read my post before responding. I definitely see the potential in Moss and again, LOVE the way he runs. I guess I just question how dynamic a backfield can be with 2 guys with avg. to below-avg. speed, hopefully all of our smurfs will stretch the defense enough to open some holes. Similar with Hodgins, I'm optimistic, but I just fear he's too limited and stiff to ever really be more than a role player. On Jackson, again, you can't really waste a 7th round pick, so he's worth a shot, I'm just not going to be holding my breath for him to succeed, I don't look at it as likely (although I DO like our track record of developing DBs) Fromm -- I don't see it, hope you're right.
  5. A couple quick caveats to this post that hopefully provide enough context to make this a substantive conversation and not come across as simply complaining... 1. I'm very much in the camp of trusting Beane and McD, it's been clear to me (up to this point, anyway) that there's been a solid plan in place that they are executing. 2. My draft evaluations/judgments come from 2 places: watching the film and athletic testing First created topic, here goes... I love that most folks -- both on this board, as well as the broader community -- are excited about our draft. That gives me a good amount of hope with this group. That said, I have my reservations... 1. Love that we got Diggs. I think he's going to add a great dynamic to the offense. Hard to argue that he's not every bit as impactful as any of the rookies would've been, so job well done BB! A+ 2. Unquestionably great value with Epenesa at the end of the 2nd. He's never going to be confused with Jevon Kearse but I think he can be a dynamic DE for a very long time. Speaking from personal biases, I would've loved to move ahead of Pittsburgh for Claypool, I loved him as a prospect and I think he would've added a dynamic that this offense is still lacking. That said, letting Epenesa fall into our laps was still a great, value-laden move -- 2/2 -- solid A. 3. Here's where my skepticism really kicks in. I love the way that Zach Moss runs, if the Terminator was a RB, I imagine they'd have very comparable styles. But I'm a big proponent of there being minimum thresholds of athleticism that one needs to perform at their relative position, and have seen some who feel that Moss doesn't meet those minimums. Only time will tell, but it's a concern (that builds into a larger concern, as mentioned be low)... They liked him, obviously, wanting to move up to get him, so I'll gladly be wrong here, but am nervous... Working on the theme above, would've loved to have been able to swoop in and take Mims before the Jets could've. Another big, athletic playmaker who opens up other avenues for the offense or Bryan Edwards. Incomplete 4. LOVE that we went for a WR with some size here, and I love reading about Davis' work ethic, so again, I'm cautiously optimistic that this one will pan out. But he's not overly athletic, he's not explosive, he doesn't run great routes, he's never going to be possibly more than a very slight a mismatch in terms of size/speed/strength... I don't know where he wins. I heard the comment about him winning on double moves, which is interesting, but I'm not convinced that's something that can actively play into an overall strategy. Gandy Golden, either Johnson, DPJ and Coulter all felt like better bets to be impact players. Time will tell, and again, hoping for the best, but I'm afraid Davis is destined to be a career 4th or 5th wr (which, to be fair, is probably what should be expected out of a guy at the end of the 4th...). C 5. Not convinced Jake Fromm even makes the roster. Sure he's a great leader, sure he knows football, cool. Unless we're drafting him to groom him as our next QB coach, this felt like a wasted pick to me, especially with the veterans available in FA. D- 6a. K is a need, we filled it, cool. I know nothing about the kid but like that most had him as their #1 ranked K and he has a big leg. Pass 6b. Really torn here -- I'm married to and Oregon State Beaver so have seen this kid dominate for the past 3 years. My Ducks recruited him but decided not to take him and almost instantly regretted it. If there's going to be a poster boy for ones that can succeed despite not clearing those athletic thresholds, it's going to be Hodgins. Unlike Davis, I love Hodgins' length, body control and catch radius. You can at least see how he can be a box-out type guy like Arcega-Whiteside last year. That said, this kid is REALLY going to struggle gaining separation at the NFL level. He actually tested out better than I expected, but that's a glaring weakness in his game. I think he'll provide some interesting to the end of our roster WRs, but probably not ever be more than a 5th or 6th WR/RZ specialist. Wouldn't have taken much to move up for DPJ, who at least has a chance to turn into something... C+ 7. It's hard and unfair to really say that a 7th rd pick is ever wasted, but I don't feel like this kid has a chance to make the roster. Frankly not sure what else I would've done, but it's uninspiring ot say the least... D+ In the end, they let things come to them, which I see as both good and bad. It's what the Ravens do every year and they've been one of the most successful franchises for a very long time. It means they're continuing to build on a defensive-minded, control the ball, style offense. I like that they're in sync there and operating with one vision -- that's ULTRA RARE in pro sports. It also means that they didn't take any chances, and as such, didn't make any substantial gains (Diggs' acquisition, notwithstanding). Meanwhile, the Chiefs and Ravens -- arguably our biggest competition out in front both had huge drafts and a number of other teams stocked up on weapons as well. So I'm left with this weird feeling of not being unhappy but also not being super excited about this draft. Certainly part of it is that the Diggs trade went down a few weeks ago and we didn't get fanfare for it on Thursday. But another part of it is really questioning if we're being innovative and forward-looking enough, or if we're erring on the side of stubborn old-man football that is going the way of the Dodo. Is it healthy skepticism? Pessimistic optimism? Not sure, but I've definitely seen plenty of posts on here of folks whose expectations need to be seriously tempered...
  6. Yes to every one of these. Also Quartney Davis, Juwan Johnson III, Dane Jackson, Calvin Throckmorton, Tyrie Cleveland, Michael Warren II...
  7. As I said in another thread, it's about more than just having a need, you have to find the player too. If a Jajuan Johnson type is just as bad in coverage as a 3rd LB, you're actually losing there. Delpit is the only one available that could come in and be that guy right away, to me. If we want to take a crack at Dugger in the 4th (I think his small school status will kill his draft prospects) then I'd be all for it, but I don't think you can say he's automatically your day 1 nickel LB starter. Sometimes it's better to not out-think the room...
  8. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't understand why we can't also be planning for the future to some degree (while also taking a player who plays special teams and provides another element to the offense?) I'm also not sure where else you're going to take a player who will have a much more substantive impact in games AND provide similar value... DE is 3+ deep already, we've clearly been poking around in free agency and the talent pool in this draft is dreadful. CB has a few interesting players, but we also have 3 guys on the roster already vying for that starting spot and our staff has shown that they're able to find/develop talent from later picks. TE is already a full room, and while they're not sexy, seem to fit what the staff wants. We had zero interest in any free agents and this is not a good class, so that doesn't exactly seem to fit. RB has talent, but they've already made it clear that Singletary is their #1, so probably makes more sense to find a complementary back later. Safeties are locked in. If you're looking at a big nickel I'd argue there's really only 1 realistic option on the board that fits for both talent and value. I'm not sure where you think we're going to find this franchise starter in the 2nd, but WR is just as good an argument as any of these others.
  9. The Packers have arguably the best QB of this generation AND more glaring needs elsewhere than we have, and used their 1 on a QB. The Chiefs have arguably the best offense in the history of the game AND more glaring needs elsewhere than we have, and used their 1 on a RB. The draft isn't always about "making sense" with your resources. It's about finding the best on-field value. Maybe Beane thinks that's at WR, maybenot, but simply adding up the total number of assets used doesn't really make a difference. Under your logic, the assets the Falcons gave up for Julio probably don't make any sense either, but that seems to have worked out just fine for them. Again, I struggle to see where else on the roster -- when taking in positional and draft value into account -- we have a bigger glaringly obvious deficiency (that can't also be addressed via free agency.) There's talent left at DB and a couple interesting guys at DE, but beyond that, we're set at QB, OL and DL, the talent/value isn't there at LB or TE, as many have posited a complementary RB can be had later in the draft... what's left? A wr with size (none of our top 3 WRs are tipping the scales at 6') can add a new dimension to this offense. Besides all of that, regardless of how many assets would've been spent on 2 WRs, we'd still have a 3, 4, 5, two 6s and a 7 to fill maybe 5 slots. It's not like we're hurting for draft capital in terms of numbers... I may be right on what eventually happens with this, I may be wrong. But it's not like this is SUUUUCH a crazy idea that it's not worth discussing, there's absolutely a logical path to taking a WR in the 2nd or 3rd...
  10. That's certainly one way to break it down. The other is to say it was a 1, a future 4 and 2 scrubs for a proven veteran, and a late 2 for great value at a position that has the potential of opening up new attack vectors and aid in the confidence of your young franchise QB. Obviously get your point, but I still come back to the argument of, when taking into account draft value, where else are we that much more deficient on the roster?
  11. I disagree here, actually. Gross is gross, yes. Epenesa is never going to be confused with Jevon Kearse, but I think he's actually a very technically sound, effective football player. Probably will never be a superstar but I could see him being a slightly poor-man's Calais Campbell type. I'd be fine with him in the 2nd -- wouldn't be my first choice -- but he should be an effective/productive enough pro...
  12. In truth, unless one player is just vastly ahead of everyone else on our board, we'd be best suited to stay put. 5 big wrs: Pittman, Mims, Claypool (PLEEEEASE GOD!!!), Higgins, Viska 4 very talented rbs: Swift, Taylor, Dobbins, Akers 2 cbs who could've easily gone last night: Fulton, Johnson ditto for edge: Epenesa, Baun The concept I'm more interested is packaging our 3 with other picks and getting 2 of these guys. Let's get greedy!
  13. I think the issue is less with the position and more with the player(s). If you want a big nickle, I'm all for that, but pound the table for Delpit or McKinney. Dugger and Chinn might be interesting prospects but they're FAR from a sure thing and this draft is going to be VERY heavy on sure things. Perhaps that means that somebody, maybe us, later in the draft gets a steal, but you cannot take 24 year old from THAT small of a school in the 2nd just because he looks like he fits the bill. If you're desperate to fill that spot, trade up for Delpit and call it good. Otherwise lean into the fact that the guy you're selecting will either be considered a gamble and a reach in the 2nd, or an unknown prospect later. With all that said, that's why many (like me) are pushing to fill other gaps with more proven commodities like one of the big WRs or one of the few available DEs left...
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