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  1. Sean Lee ain't going anywhere (unless it's in a wheelchair). But seriously, he's the heart and soul of that Dallas defense. They'll find other ways trim that massive amount of fat...
  2. While a bit of a hot-head, Jake was an emotional and on-field leader in his time at Oregon. The offense immediately suffered when he was out with injury. He's the kind of guy you want on your team and hate on every other, as much as I think blocking TEs are a waste of a roster spot, he's a great kid and I hope this works out.
  3. I love that the same guys who are stoked about signing David Sills as a UDFA also feel completely confident in bashing the #64 overall pick in the draft. Gonna be a loooot of silly takes in this discussion when we look back a few years from now...
  4. Getting Clowney would likely mean the end of Lawson or Murphy's time here, so you may as well include one of them in a deal with Houston... Lawson, 3 & 5 for Clowney doesn't seem like horrible value for either side... Outside of that or impending vet. cuts, I think the roster is fairly set...
  5. You and I aren't arguing about Taylor, that's somebody else... Harry played well against a really bad Pac 12. Brown and DK played as well or better in a stellar SEC. I think that's the difference to me. My only issue is that you can't evaluate a guy in one or two words. I'm extremely confident that both Butler and DK will be good-great WRs in this league...
  6. That's fine, it doesn't seem like you've done a whole lot of research, I happen to think your opinions on the first two are incredibly incomplete and am not sure how you can be unsold on someone you know absolutely nothing about, but so as long as you're not Brandon Beane, you're certainly entitled to having less than a completely researched opinion.
  7. Would also be roughly the amount in pounds he's giving up to the guy across the LOS! 🤣
  8. DK, Butler and AJ Brown are all very talented WRs, regardless of class who would add to the talent in our locker room. I've said this before but I'll repeat it, our WR corps consists of: Smokey Brown, who has bounced around and never really *made it* anywhere -- that's not all bad luck. Zay Jones, who's had half of a solid season and literally almost killed himself prior to that. Hopefully he turned the corner, but not a guy I'm counting as a rock solid producer for the next decade. Robert Foster, who went undrafted and had half a season of success (after getting cut by us -- one of the worst teams in the league last year, after seeing what he could do for 4 months...) Like Zay, hopefully something clicked and he's turned a corner, but it's just as likely that teams were disrespecting him/Allen and forcing them to beat them with the long ball. Cole Beasley -- good slot guy but he doesn't offer a ton in the way of dynamism or mismatches. Duke Williams -- the CFL is not the NFL and he's already flamed out once... Not exactly a murderer's row... At this point everyone has their warts, but a good coach can find ways to win with the guys I mentioned above.
  9. I don't think we can afford to wait and give our franchise QB "serviceable"... The talent is there now, the risk has been removed, and we don't have any completely glaring holes elsewhere (aside from TE), but I addressed that too...
  10. If I had my way, we'd wait on TE and OT... Take your alpha WR at 2 (DK, Butler, AJB in that order), get a TE at 3 (Sternberger, Oliver, Knox, Walling) and then you can take a developmental T (Edwards) and DE in the 4th. Or for that matter, trade one of the 4s and maybe a 2020 3 or 4 for Solomon Thomas -- I like that solution even better.
  11. And just a personal suggestion -- anyone flaming anyone for something this petty, especially when its concerning something as random and unpredictable as the NFL draft should be roundly ignored, not catered to. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a younger guy, but just know that I don't know one grown adult who would "flame you" for having an opinion on a college football player, and I certainly don't know one who would come back weeks later to gloat about something so arbitrary and random. Just food for thought.
  12. The cone drill evaluates 90+ degree movements at speed. Recovery is far closer measured by explosion: worth reading. "D.K. Metcalf's 10-yard split of his 4.33-second 40-yard dash clocked in at 1.45 seconds. This is the fastest 10-split by any combine runner in my database (starting in 2003). For some context, this is faster than Julio Jones' 1.50 10-yard split and 4.42 second 40-yard dash and they are similar heights: Metcalf checked in at 6-3 3/8 and 228 pounds, while Jones was 6-2 3/4 and 220 pounds."
  13. DK would replace Zay in the offense. Zay +40 for 33 and maybe a 5th seems like pretty fair value to me.
  14. I think the "when has X ever won a super bowl" deal is really outplayed... Just a couple years ago it was always defense wins championships, and yet now there are 50 point per game offenses in the playoffs every year. The league is evolving into one of exploiting mismatches, regardless of position... DK -- especially with Josh Allen throwing to him, offers that. Waaay later, sure.
  15. Legit question -- can you show me where you're seeing that they "love" Jaylon Ferguson?
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