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  1. I think I've mentioned on this board that I had the great privilege to have gotten to know Marv and his family a little bit, a few years back. I'm not easily star-struck, and have met probably more than my fair share of celebrity types in the line of work I used to be in, but I can vividly remember how giddy and nervous and awestruck I was to meet him. The best part? Marv is often called "the Gentleman of the NFL" and he's an even better human being than that (or his general reputation) gives him credit for. There's probably a handful of people on this earth that could supersede that (though I can't think of any off the top of my head), but getting to spend time with Marv Levy will forever be one of my all-time life highlights. Happy Birthday to a truly special and wonderful man!
  2. It's not a financial thing, it's an optics thing...
  3. His injury is such that he could quite literally DIE if hit wrong. I'm guessing no NFL team wants to take that responsibility on. If Ross wants to continue playing competitive football, it'll probably need to be in one of the spring leagues or in the CFL...
  4. Lack of attention to WR could be a scheme change, could be bad luck, or could be not wanting to put a rookie in a key spot that they may not be ready for... There's still decent deep threats available in FA, and given how the first 3 rounds shook out, guys like Chase Claypool (YES PLEASE, also how awkward was it watching him announce his replacement???), Marquez Calloway, Jalen Raeger, Denzell Mims, Kadarius Toney (doubtful, but worth listing), and Rondale Moore. Definitely feels like we need another weapon...
  5. Not a very good football player, unfortunately...
  6. I know this is a joke, but I just have to say... for a team that just broke records for not punting, the obsession over a rookie punter with this fanbase has been... perplexing to say the least.
  7. This is weird to me but you do you. It's not the route I would take, but I also don't think Dane Jackson is particularly good...
  8. I don't necessarily disagree, but I also think a year ago we probably wouldn't have included DE in a similar list and took Basham in the 2nd. Again, FAR from a lock, but I think there's enough reasons to justify it if that's the way they go...
  9. Kind of depends on how tonight breaks out... ideally you can play the Ravens' game and let 2 quality players fall to you. If you assume my math is accurate, really only means 12 picks between 33 and our pick in the 3rd that have to be "off" and we'd have our choice of that list. But obviously that doesn't incorporate need, runs, flags on players, etc. I'd be open to moving anything from our 3 down for the right player/pick, but that'd need to be a pretty big swing...
  10. You can certainly make that argument. I think if you look at the way the league is trending, our impending need at safety, how we use our safeties and the fact that said safeties are both converted CBs, I think there's an easy enough argument to be made for at least including them in the discussion.
  11. We've got 2 picks in the next 57 selections. From those spots, it feels likely that at least 4 QBs will go, I'll conservatively say 11 DL go, and we could conceivably find use for picks at just about every position. So that means 2 picks in the next 42 with any real consequence to our roster building. I see a pretty clear tier of quality guys and then... less-so guys. Here's hoping we can figure out a way to get 2 of these 30 (qbs/dl removed)... Breece Hall Kenneth Walker George Pickens Christian Watson Skyy Moore Alec Pierce Jalen Tolbert John Metchie Trey McBride Bernhard Raiman Rasheed Walker Nic Petit-Frere Sean Rhyan Dylan Parham Darrian Kinnard Jamaree Salyer Nakobe Dean Christian Harris Leo Chenal Chad Muma Troy Anderson Channing Tindall Brian Asamoah Andrew Booth Kyler Gordon Roger McCreary Tariq Woolen Jalen Pitre Jaquan Brisker
  12. If it were literally anyone else, I'd be DYING for Seattle to take Strong in the 2nd just so FFadpecr could come back and talk about how right his process was (regardless of how ludicrous it was), but John Schneider is too good of a person to wish that on...
  13. Something's up with him, so certainly interviews may nix him entirely, but he's got talent, fix the other stuff and you've got a low investment chance at something solid.
  14. @FFadpecr your day has arrived! Still feeling this confident in Strong???
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