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  1. Looooot of bad takes on this thread. Just gonna leave it at that.
  2. I'll go to my deathbed pounding the table for James Hardy (R.I.P.), so he feels like a good answer to this question. How in the world were we expecting a vertical/jump ball threat WR to succeed when we were employing a QB afraid to throw the ball beyond the LOS??? Such a Billsy thing to do in that era of utter incompetence... He certainly had his demons, but had things gone his way, I think those could've been overcome as well...
  3. I've not read through the previous 51 1/2 pages of this thread, but just here to say, any thought on this story that isn't defaulting to Watson settling to keep this out of courts is naïve. Sadly, this is no longer about what did or didn't happen or to what extent Deshaun is or isn't guilty, it's all about negotiating leverage... ZERO chance this plays out fully in civil court.
  4. As a HS prospect and early in college, EV was a twitchy, penetrating DL playing under 3bills. He had a solid frame so I suppose him carrying 315 doesn't feel impossible to me, but it certainly sounds like too much. I haven't watched him in several years, so no clue if he's got anything left, but definitely surprised to see him that heavy -- perhaps not a coincidence that a once VERY highly ranked prospect hasn't done much, given the trajectory of his playing weight juxtaposed against his style of play/ways he wins...
  5. Hot take on this topic: If Oliver isn't one of your 4 answers he should at least be on the warm -- if not hot -- seat...
  6. 1,000,000% Hurst isn't a superstar, but he's a good blocker, a great athlete and a good-enough route runner. Anyone who doesn't want him -- given our current TE situation -- is either Dawson Knox or talking out of their backside. He'd definitely be an upgrade to our situation if we got him affordably enough...
  7. Javian Hawkins Moses Cade Johnson Brandon Smith Jonathan Adams Imatorbhebhe Shakur Brown Olijiah Griffin Trill Williams Kenny Yeboah Nick Eubanks Pro Wells Matt Bushman Tony Poljian Ardarius Washington Hamilcar Rashed Jr. Jamie Newman Marvin Wilson
  8. HA! That call looks like a pretty good one! 😁
  9. I don’t know man I’m not running the draft, just saying there’s very clearly a reason he’s not been traded for. Perhaps he’s let teams know that there’s a specific team he wants to go to? Maybe his medicals are so bad no one wants to touch him? Maybe he’s retiring? I’ll put it this way: if he were healthy and the Ertz of old and willing to play for your team and willing to restructure, he would have been traded by now...
  10. Feels pretty clear that no one is trading for ertz at this point. Teams know he’s gonna be cut.
  11. Coach is a small man and Rousseau is massive. There’s also multiple perspective things going on. Wouldn’t shock me if it was real.
  12. Supposedly they loved Ihmir Smith-Marsette and he’s got some fun film so that wouldn’t be a shock. We’ve also been connected to Mike Strachan who’s a really intriguing developmental guy. We obviously need help at CB and TE still and Brevin Jordan is a very good football player. We’ll see!
  13. Same answer. Not trying to dodge your question or anything, but there is no one value chart, as much as fans like to refer to those out there. Off the cuff/in a vacuum, it feels like 2 5s, a 6 and a 7 should probably be worth a mid-rd 4, yes. But again, it takes another team to WANT to do that deal with you, so practically speaking, it all depends on how other teams view the board, their draft, roster, etc.
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