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  1. Because he should have been?! lol He and Nico Collins are both steals in the 3rd...
  2. As others have said, most draft choices ARE long-term decisions. I'm not sure how much what he's saying could possibly be a lie. I was just trying to take his comments and apply them to what we think we know about our own team's setup, going into the draft.
  3. This one doesn't take a lot of though (since we almost took him 20 picks earlier... With the 97th pick in the NFL draft, the Los Angeles Chargers select Dwayne Eskridge, WR, Western Michigan. Justin Herbert gets another toy. The NO Saints @CNYfan are on the clock.
  4. One more thought: I totally spaced RB on the stock up/down/shrug... Kenny Gainwell might be one to watch and is someone not talked a lot about on these boards... He doesn't possess the typical size of a lead/bellcow back, but he's incredibly dynamic. Per Beane's "future" comment, and knowing what we do(n't) have at RB and in the return game already, I could absolutely see him being a guy that they could give 5ish touches/game, get involved in the return game too and to learn, and basically take slowly to gauge how much he could be a lead back (my opinion, he could be an 18-20 touch
  5. I still maintain a trade up is V likely too. Obviously mocks aren't the be-all/end-all, but it does feel like a handful of guys a tier higher than those that we're discussing go in the mid/late-20s. Ex: to me, a guy like Farley (if he checks out medically) or Newsome or Paye is probably worth paying the cost to move up 5ish spots, rather than taking a Campbell or Ossai... Problem is -- unless we're changing schemes, there's no one remotely worth a 1st rd. pick at DT.
  6. I know this has been posted elsewhere, so mods feel free to merge if deemed necessary, but wanted to lay out a general line of thinking taking this comment a step or two further... From Beane's presser the other day: So what might this mean in terms of position and player priority as they're looking at the draft? While none of this is mind-blowing, it tells me a couple things: Higher paid positions likely more in play than lower (CB, over S, for instance) Immediate needs become less of a priority than longer-term ones (see DE/WR age/depth/future contract
  7. Depends on what the board looks like, but I definitely think he’d quickly become a fan favorite
  8. No, I agree. Not really advocating for that, I just think he probably goes in the 40s... If he fell to us in the 2nd, would be amazing...
  9. He's not really a corner. He can cover but you want him playing the slot or more of a FS role. So... no?
  10. I'll be VERY surprised if he's there at our 2nd round pick, but I love this kid (Duck homer, if my name didn't give it away), but he's a DOG. Plus coverage guy but he's fearless and sound in supporting the run game. One of those guys who has a knack for making the big play when you need it -- very much like Tyron Matthieu in that way. I'd love this pick.
  11. Here's my list based on our needs: Dwayne Eskridge, WR, WMich. Spencer Brown, OT, N. Iowa Tommy Togiai, DT, Ohio State Michael Carter, RB, UNC Kenny Gainwell, RB, Memphis Israel Mukuamu, CB, So. Carolina Aaron Banks, G, ND Trill Williams, CB, Syracuse Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson Trey Sermon, RB, Ohio State
  12. Serious suggestion, if you don't like all of the rigmarole of the draft, why watch it live? Why not record it, find out where we end up drafting, fast forward to all the stuff you don't like and just watch that part? Watching every moment of the draft isn't for everyone, and as someone who HAS for probably the last 25 years, I don't judge anyone who's not willing or able to carve out that much time in their weekend to do so. You do you! To answer your question, I think there's a pretty high likelihood we trade up and can see really any of the 20s being our potential landing zone, w
  13. The Bills RBs are not good. The Bills RBs are also not fast. But those 2 points of evidence do not mean that speed is the missing piece of the puzzle. You're VASTLY overrating speed when it comes to evaluating RBs.
  14. With the 77th pick, the Los Angeles Chargers select Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami. @H2o and the Vikings are on the clock. Jordan probably isn't the best player left on the board, but TE is a need for this team long-term and this late in the draft, a 2-way TE with Jordan's upside is a gift to Justin Herbert (who loves to use his TEs).
  15. Chargers are on a conference call for the next hour so will solicit offers during that time. If none, will make the pick shortly thereafter...
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