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  1. over 9.5 wins under 30 JA TD’s Over Diggs 1k under Singletary 1k Oliver BARELY over 6.5 Bills D over 3.5 (6/7th) (Team) total points allowed Bills O over 14.5 (10th) (Team) points scored McD challenges WAY over 3.5 lost Division wins =4
  2. I don’t see them making a splash. The way I have seen things so far: At the end of the year they grade each position, A-F. If there is a position that say grades out to a D or an F. Bean will use FA to bring that position up to a C. That way you’re never really find yourself overspending. (They might shell out a little more if it makes other positions around it better as well, ie Moorse) Then they use the draft (BPA), to hopefully stack on top of that C grade, and hopefully it upgrades over time, and when that FA contract expires. We shall see though..
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