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  1. Odd timing since sports gambling is legal this year, wouldn’t you say? 🤔
  2. I just hope that Buffalo doesn’t try to sit on a 7-0 lead if they get out to an early start, in order to show good “sportsmanship” 🤦‍♂️☠️😂
  3. With their top 3 pick at QB vs. Luke Faulk at QB. (If the Pats* had 4 turnovers, I’m sure the Jests could have scored as well.)
  4. Lol, both teams are a +1350 to win straight up money line. For BOTH to win.. You’d probably have a better chance of seeing a midget carrying a grand piano down the street by himself.. 😂😂 The parlay with the points pays out the normal 2:1. That is why I couldn’t believe the odds/payoff of the straight up wins.
  5. Straight up pick. Both teams would have to win their games. I sent you a PM for the website that I use
  6. It’s only $25, and I never said that I placed the bet. Beware of week 3 though... week of the upsets.. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Right now the Jests and Fins are roughly 20 point underdogs. A $25 straight up parlay bet pays out over $5k if they both win. I have NEVER seen anything like this before in the NFL. (I’d post a screenshot of the bet/odds, but I’m “OnLy aLlOweD 2mBs”
  8. Apparently he didn’t get the league memo that clearly states that it’s only ok to jizz on women while having a table full of cocaine at the scene. The league really needs to makes these more clear to avoid any future mishaps like this
  9. I agree. My betting instincts keep telling me NYG win this one. Its the beginning of the league year, and the league tries to keep teams as close to .500 as they can. (So that attendance doesn’t drop for any said team) look for teams with an 0-1 record, to win at home this week. (yellow flags) (This does not include Miami. However, I wouldn’t be shocked.) its usually week 2 or 3 that all the strange upsets happen.
  10. There is nothing on this planet that works harder than AB’s autocorrect. You ever think that his phone just sits there thinking to itself.. “Damn. What did I ever do to get stuck with this guy?” Thankfully football pays well, or else this guy would have a hard time finding a job even as a speed bump... (This will probably get thrown out of court quick. 1) No criminal charges, lack of evidence. 2) Judge- “If it happened once, WHY did you keep going back for the other 3 times!?!”)
  11. There will be no meltdowns. AB got to OAK and didn’t like what he saw. So he acts like a raving lunatic to get released. Free to sign with whichever team he chooses. He got his way. I’m not saying that the guy isn’t a pompous ass, but there is NO way 90% of that drama wasn’t a work.
  12. I think the ref muffed the players number. I didn’t see anything by JF, besides a pancake, pealing off, and laying somebody else out. However, I think I might have seen DS getting scrappy with someone off to the side. While the size of the two players is clearly unmistakable, the numbers 76 and 26 could be mistaken at quick glance
  13. I’m not EXACTLY sure which play it was in the 1st quarter, but remember seeing it bounce off of the turf, and thinking “ouch.” The smelling salt was right before the commercial break before the game winning drive. I thought so too.. but if he says, “nah, I’m good.” Like I could see him doing.. Nothing to look at here.. ya know? Lol, too funny because I could see Gase on some smelling salts! 😂😂 I didn’t know about the quick “pick me ups” regarding it though. Mods can close this thread if they like. Sorry for any stirring of the pots.
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