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  1. Cocaine and hookers. DM me to ask where to send my check. 😎😎
  2. Lmao! So this is what it’s come to? A Buffalo Bills Festivus? 😂😂 I’ll play along.. Ford Edmunds Bean, for neglecting the OL, and horrible ROI on the DL. it’s hard to be mad at or blame most other players, as I feel that most have not been put into a position to succeed.
  3. One could argue that we also have a bunch of post-Madonnas on the team as well.
  4. Giants and cowboys were only 1 game back with 1 left to play. Are you sure none of them caught up to WTF? Your= shows possession. You’re= Contraction for You Are. Example: You’re really, really slow.
  5. That seems like another link from NFL.com. Also, I don’t think this is complete, because the teams have only played 16 games here. The regular season is 17 games. This is why I don’t trust Nfl.com
  6. No irony here at all.. Also, I’m sorry, I just don’t trust their site. I feel like they just make up the numbers as they go along.
  7. Those standings are from last year. Also, I’m not sure that NFL.com has the most accurate information regarding this.
  8. YES!! All of my doom and gloom posts!! Please show them to me! I must have THOUSANDS out there, of just pure gloom! While the others are mostly doom! I try to keep the two separated, because too much gloom, and too much doom, in the same place, at the same time.. not good! But seriously.. are you this much of a dbag in real life, or just on message boards?
  9. Sorry everybody!! I forgot that jokes were not allowed here! Won’t happen again! 👍 Sorry everybody!! I forgot that jokes were not allowed here! Won’t happen again! 👍
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