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  1. This is why the coaching staff needs to place someone on Dabols hip pocket. Should his scheme work wonders, and should he leave for a promotion, that person steps up with the same understanding and knowledge of the system that Is already in place. Continuity breeds winning. As opposed to bringing in a new coordinator, and changing everything. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Wrecks)
  2. Now THIS is F’n FUNNY!! I thought I used to be clever! A few years back, DTV would have the Movers Deal. Where if you were moving, and agreed to take your service with you, they would give you the premium channels, (HBO, Starz, Cinnamax) for 3 months free, as long as you paid the Sunday ticket price of $70 per month. I already had the pay channels, and my bill was roughly $140 per month. So, for about 5-6 years, right around August every year, I would call them and say that I was moving. My neighbors address was 411, and I was 501. So, every year I’d just pick a number between them, and I’d change the numbers on my mailbox the day before the installation guy would arrive. Upon arrival, I’d say.. “Hey! There was already a dish here, hooked everything up, and it works great! Have a nice day!” Never heard a peep from the installation guy because, well.. who the hell wants to be up on a roof, in Florida, in August? (About 2 miles away from the Bob Kraft incident, lol) So, long story short, I had a good run of about 5-6 years where I got DTV to pay me to watch football! 😎😎 Oh! But to the point, I have since switched to an Amazon Fire Stick, Jailbroke it, and it has EVERYTHING on there, even all the sports packages for $5 per month.
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