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  1. This is where I openly wonder if the height and longer reach of Duke Williams would be beneficial. I'm not saying one guy fixes everything, but could it hurt as a short term fix?
  2. An excellent write-up with some great insights. In many ways, the growing pains associated with this team's return to playoff-calibre strength are reminiscent of the 1988/89 Bills. Back then, the pieces were coming together for what would eventually turn into our legendary dominance of the early 90s. We just have to remember that it takes time to build a truly great and dominant squad. We'll get there and damn does it feel good to know that it's coming!
  3. I know we're turning this into a wing discussion and I apologize, but... I used to love Bar Bill, but lately (as in the last time I was there a year ago), it seems like the wings are both small and overcooked. I've definitely heard great things about Gabriel's Gate. For what it's worth, I recently enjoyed a bucket of wings with family at Striker's in West Seneca and both the wings, sauce and blue cheese were excellent.
  4. If you're seeking wings, definitely hit up The Nine-Eleven Tavern if you get the chance. The owner has been making the wings personally for more than 35 years and they're phenomenal. Anchor Bar can be hit or miss in terms of quality, but the atmosphere is worth a trip. The original Duffs on Sheridan is also a sure bet.
  5. Read between the lines of what the others above are saying and you'll be rewarded with a marvelous solution.
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