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QB coach battle Royal. Need help of the mafia!!!


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3 minutes ago, Jauronimo said:

Donate money to the causes of our critics to prove to ourselves that we aren't low class jerks?


And none of the $17 crap, either!


We're goin' Tim Settle-style this time around to show that we mean business!!


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1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:

What the ***** is this?


Tell Chris Simms to grow up.

Truth.  TF is even going on there? The seedlings look randomly generated. 

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i think its something he did in years past when asked what QB/coach combo would be the best tag team wrestling combo.  I think its clearly McD with his wrestling background (and also above average athleticism for coaches) combined with the most physical imposing QB.  So yeah its dumb but funny in my head to think of Josh and McD body slamming other coaches.  

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On 7/18/2022 at 9:40 PM, buffblue said:

At first I thought the qb was hypothetically fighting his own coach. I'm sure McDaniel could take Tua


huh?  I told this kid to get away from my car last night..



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