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  1. Topless car wash with a steak house attached to it.
  2. Being a 6th round pick, I thought Dusty Ziegler was very good for us.
  3. Would give anything to be there! Instead stuck watching my girlfriend's mom's bird!He won't shut the hell up!
  4. Waiting for someone to say they still have a Maybin jersey...👀🤮
  5. Watched first quarter and then turned it off after deciding would rather take my dog to get lucky with this b**ch down the street.
  6. I used to own a ton but not so much anymore. Right now the one I wear the most and usually the pick when I go to a bar to watch the games is my away Kyle Williams jersey(Man I miss that dude being a beast on the DL). Only other two I own is a Mitchell and Ness Jim Kelly home one that doesn't fit anymore smh and a Knox home one I bought a couple months ago.
  7. Terrible luck for him, hope he comes back with the same drive he had before he got hurt.
  8. I agree. Might be over the top to some, but I think our O line could be the difference between us winning the Lombardi or not. Hopefully they perform better than I think they will.
  9. I don't much give a ***** mind, but the best thing for that dumbass organization is for Ross to go ahead and sell, but I don't see that happening.
  10. Install this in the living room and all is fine😎
  11. Must say after having visited a friend who works out there several times, my top location for my retirement right now is Alaska, namely around Juneau. Great people, beautiful country, no one is on top of you, plenty of outdoor activities to do(I love hiking and skiing) etc.
  12. Its amazing to me how douchebags like this think they are intelligent about football and people really care what they think. Nobody gives a damn about your opinion, or your loser stats site. Piss off.
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