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Who’s still mad about 13 seconds?


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It doesn't bother me any longer.  Once the Chiefs lost to the Bengals, I was able to live with it.  The team that beat us didn't even get to the Super Bowl and the team that beat them lost the Super Bowl.   It is much easier to live with knowing that.   


Had the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, I would still be upset.

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On 5/18/2022 at 6:35 AM, Aussie Joe said:

I’ve moved past the anger onto regret..


It was a tremendous opportunity in a weak year… they could play better and more consistent this year but just run into a superior team in the playoffs or SB  that emerges in 2022..


Anyway… can’t do anything about it.. just hope for the best and one before I die..

Yep… still feel the same 

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7 minutes ago, Rampage said:

I still think Frasier should have been canned, but now we move on.

Why Frasier?  They called time out before each play. You don't think McDermott had input on those two play calls?  And we have listened to two months of nonsense about how important special teams are and why they need to take up roster spots, but yet he fails to communicate to the kicker on what to do at the most crucial moment.  McD has to get better if they are to win it all this year OR Allen simply needs to overcome his coaching shortcomings, like Peyton did with Dungy.  

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I’m over it, I think it actually motivates everyone to win it all this year though. We are coming out swinging. I can tell by watching preseason that I have never seen a group of guys who were more motivated and ready to win. I’m so pumped. I really felt like KC was the only team im our way and I think the loss of hill is a game changer. Just stay healthy and play our game. If the 13 secs still bothers you, take it out by yelling louder in the stadium this year 👌

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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