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  1. Nobody has brought up Kelvin Benjamin yet???
  2. Actually, it gets cold down here in Florida too we're in the midst of winter here it's 77 degrees Brrrrrrrrr, time to pull the fur lined flip flops out of the closet.
  3. Actually, I have a fool proof remedy to the Dolphin stadium issue. Just institute a rule where the visiting team gets to choose which sideline to sit on and rescind the rule where the home team can decide which color jersey they wear. Home teams wear their home-colored Jersey and visitors wear white. I would hazard to guess that some shade would be installed on the "visitors side" post haste.
  4. I second that recommendation. I've bought three copies, one for me years ago, then when my son got old enough to be a "serious" fan, my copy disappeared to his bedroom. I ended up getting him an autographed copy of his own to ransom my copy back. Two years ago, my daughter decided she wanted to join our fun and watch with us, so I bought her her own copy and made it required reading before she was allowed to comment during the game.
  5. so should I assume you are not a fan of the multi-year contract the Bills gave to Von Miller. They ARE the same age after all.
  6. An old school tip from my Rockpile days, put on a pair of thin socks, then slip your feet into bread bags (take out the bread first) then a pair of thick socks then your shoes/boots. Guaranteed to keep your feet warm through the fourth quarter. or you can get yourself some of those new-fangled fancy pantsy electric socks.
  7. The answer is ... no, your butt makes you look fat.
  8. Sanders is somewhere in the neighborhood of 54 years old; I doubt he could put up stats anywhere near what the top running backs today do ... you chose poorly.
  9. This topic is getting tiresome, so this will be my last post on the subject. The Bills are a pass first team, the reason they don't keep opposing DCs up at night trying to figure out how to stop our running backs isn't because the running backs are any worse than other teams, on the contrary they rank top 3 in YPC, they are not worried because the Bills run/pass ratio is so pass heavy. The reason teams game plan against the Barkleys and Henrys of the league is that they know they are going to see them carry the ball about a zillion times a game, with Singletary, if they see him carry the ball 10 times a game it would be a lot.
  10. Thurman had two years with a 4.9 YPC 1991 with the Bills and 2000 with the Dolphins. His career YPC is 4.2 (below Singletary's 4.5 YPC this year and a career YPC of 4.6 in his 4 seasons)
  11. Who would you rather have .... pick a running back any running back.
  12. I'm not quite sure I go as far as agreeing with that. I think a good running game is essential to a balanced team, and team balance is essential for a great team. There are just different ways to achieve a good running game. The Bills have Josh, who the opposing DC has to account for in preventing him from running, and we have a running back who has the third highest YPC in the league (among running backs with any significant of carries) with limited opportunities. That's just the way the team is built and it's fine with me. I'm not the type to try and find fault where none exists just so I can B word about it.
  13. I have thought a minute, to have a bell cow running back, you have to give him touches. Henry 166 carries Barkley 163 carries McCaffrey 111 carries Taylor 107 carries Kamara 95 carries Singletary 71 carries Who knows how much better (or worse) Singletary would be if the Bills doubled his carries. As far as deleting Allen's strengths, for every carry you give to the running back you have to take away a passing play.
  14. OK good that you brought up Barkley and McCaffrey, because they are the ONLY two running backs with an average yards per carry better than Singletary. Singletary has 4.5 YPC on 71 attempts Barkley has 4.8 YPC on 163 attempts (which equates to 10.8 inches per attempt better than Singletary) McCaffrey has 4.7 YPC on 111 attempts (which equates to 7.2 inches per attempt better than Singletary) All the other running backs have equal to or less YPC than Singletary. Are you willing to give Singletary the "workload" equal to those backs to see if he can equal or better their YPC (keeping in mind for every run play is one less passing play)
  15. I don't think it's the quality of running back, I think it's more of the way the team uses their running back corps. As long as each individual running back only gets a hand full of carries per game, and as long as the team values a receiving running back as much as they do, I don't think a running back will be able to "showcase" his talent as a potential bell cow kind of guy. They have built the team around Allen's strengths, and every time he hands the ball off to a running back, he reduces the number of times he can pass the ball.
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