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  1. One of the pitfalls of having a good team is there isn't a single player we could have drafted where the fan base would say "NOW we can contend for the Super Bowl". We already have those players in place. We get robbed of picking the over hyped "name player" and are regulated to picking backup strength or potential type of players and it's hard to get excited about those type of picks. It wasn't fancy or glitzy, as a matter of fact it was kind of boring, but I'm comfortable in the fact that Beane and McD have a plan and they're working toward their end goal, and our scouting depart
  2. Thanks, that clears it up for me ... so am I to assume that each teams cap number will automatically go up in the neighborhood of 5/6% ? That could be pretty painful for some clubs to get back under the cap.
  3. That was always my assumption too, but that brings up the question of how do all of those "extra" paychecks fit under the cap?
  4. OH no doubt (at least I would hope so). I was just trying to solicit some ideas/feelings as to what that solution may be. I thought the discussion may be a refreshing change from the team X released player Y, should we sign him threads.
  5. If the league adds another game to the schedule, would the players salary increase by one game check worth ? If it does, how does it fit under the salary cap? If it doesn't, how do they get it past the players union? I could see the union scream that all of the contracts signed before the addition were with the express understanding that the season was 16 games long, and if the season were extended because a particular team played in the playoffs, the "loss of salary" would be offset by the prize monies paid to each team for their participation in the playof
  6. do we know the whereabouts of Rosen last night???? just sayin' he DOES have a track record.
  7. The series of AFL championships in the 90's, the Bills had the players with "star power" names, if I remember correctly they were pretty much expected to win. What THIS championship game reminds me of is the 1964 game against the Chargers. Even though the Bills had a better season, the Chargers had the star power names on their side, they had a high powered offense that no one could stop (sound familiar?) and everyone figured the Chargers were going to pass on the Bills like crazy. The Chargers star receiver was a bit dinged up for that game but they also had stars like Keith Linco
  8. While I will admit to being an old fart, you hold Kelly, Reed, Smith, Tasker, et al dear to your heart only because that's what you remember. To oldsters like myself, the crew of the 90's didn't replace the team of the 60's it supplemented them. I love Gilchrist, Dubinion, Sesteck, Kemp, Day and those guys just as much as I love the 90's guys and hopefully I'll get to remember the team the Bills are fielding now just as fondly. just sayin'
  9. Could it be that the players on offense stunk and our only option was to play it close to the vest and hope the defense can prevent our opponents from scoring more points than we did? Could it be that McD had it figured out all along, and the increase of our offensive performance (and his willingness to take risks) is directly proportional to the increase of the quality of his players on the field? I honestly believe his "blueprint" for building the Bills was to incrementally increase the skill level of each position group little by little while devising game plans each week t
  10. I watch football for the pure entertainment of it, so for me a super bowl ring or not doesn't necessarily really matter all that much to me. Sure I'd LOVE to have one or two or three, but give me good seasons of football and I'm happy. I kind of look at the regular season as a drudgery to get to the playoffs, there is a bit of drama because you've got to get those ten or eleven wins to make the playoffs, but on the game to game level, most euphoria or angst is manufactured in our collective minds ... bottom line is win enough games and your in the playoffs. I like to win as much as
  11. I've often wondered how ex players react to a game ... I mean REALLY react and not put on a show for us fans (especially if the player had a long and illustrious career like a Reed or Kelly et al). I would think that since they've played the sport at high levels their entire life from peewee through high school, college and the pros they would have a sense of "been there done that" and wouldn't get as amped up as us average fans who only get to vicariously taste glory through their exploits. I'm sure if they had spent all of their career (or a major part of it) with a single team t
  12. What my wife does to "simulate" Weck rolls is she buys uncooked pizza dough, sets it out on the counter so it rises a second time. She then separates it into little roll sized portions, does the egg wash with seeds and salt, pops them in the oven and VIOLA .... a near semblance of kummelweck rolls.
  13. Funny story ... Living in central Florida we got to see a lot of Davis' play and my son really REALLY wanted him for the Bills. Both he & I thought Davis would be a great fit for the team ... not in a Diggs kind of fit, but more of a Robert Woods kind of guy, willing to do the dirty work and work his butt off trying to be an asset to the team. One of my son's friends went to UCF with Davis and somehow through their schooling they became friends. Every time this kid would bump into Davis he'd tell him about this crazy Bills fan friend's obsession with Davis going to the Bills, a
  14. While I agree on all of your points ... I believe "style points" only count during the game, once the final gun sounds the only thing that matters is was it a win or loss. So while I hated the game DURING the game, I love it now. just sayin
  15. I actually agree with his call here. Up to that point our offense was playing like dog doodoo (or at least the Colts Defense was stopping them). They were either going to get up 17-7 or make us march those 96 yards, and up to that point no one really felt the offense was up to that drive. It stinks for them the Bills chose that specific time to wake up, but it was GREAT for us Bills fans. I see it as one of those hindsight is 20-20 deals, if it works your a freakin genius, if it fails your a freakin idiot.
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