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  1. The opposite of a youtzer. I win
  2. but ... but... but aren't the elements our home field advantage????
  3. Interesting you blame the two red zone miscues on Gabe. By chance could the blame be placed on Josh ... you say yourself that they were "option routes" which pretty much suggests the receiver has the "option" if the coverage has inside leverage at the top of the stem to break the route to the outside and vice-a-versa. Josh has already said that on the first one he did not see the play develop and "flipped a coin in his head as to where Gabe would be" and chose poorly. If you watch last nights play, coverage was clearly outside dictating Gabe break off inside ... could this have been another Josh miscue??? Don't get me wrong I love me some Josh ... but blaming other players for his mistakes is just silly and counter productive. Now if you want to blame the O-line for the constant pressure up the middle in Josh's face (maybe forcing these types of miscues) I'm 100% in agreement.
  4. If memory serves me correctly, early in the game the defense forced the Bolts to punt from their 11-yard line twice, and their 20-yard line once, it was the offence that couldn't do anything with those "gifts", as a matter of fact one of those punts resulted in a turnover and gimme Bolts points. But I DO agree the Bills were lucky to come away with a win.
  5. An interesting stat is; Two games into the season, Josh has completed more passes to Jets players than Rodgers, and I suspect that to stand throughout the season. 😉
  6. Some people like to say the glass is half empty Some people like to say the glass is half full ... But I just ask who the heck keeps drinking my beer
  7. Nobody has brought up Kelvin Benjamin yet???
  8. Actually, it gets cold down here in Florida too we're in the midst of winter here it's 77 degrees Brrrrrrrrr, time to pull the fur lined flip flops out of the closet.
  9. Actually, I have a fool proof remedy to the Dolphin stadium issue. Just institute a rule where the visiting team gets to choose which sideline to sit on and rescind the rule where the home team can decide which color jersey they wear. Home teams wear their home-colored Jersey and visitors wear white. I would hazard to guess that some shade would be installed on the "visitors side" post haste.
  10. I second that recommendation. I've bought three copies, one for me years ago, then when my son got old enough to be a "serious" fan, my copy disappeared to his bedroom. I ended up getting him an autographed copy of his own to ransom my copy back. Two years ago, my daughter decided she wanted to join our fun and watch with us, so I bought her her own copy and made it required reading before she was allowed to comment during the game.
  11. so should I assume you are not a fan of the multi-year contract the Bills gave to Von Miller. They ARE the same age after all.
  12. An old school tip from my Rockpile days, put on a pair of thin socks, then slip your feet into bread bags (take out the bread first) then a pair of thick socks then your shoes/boots. Guaranteed to keep your feet warm through the fourth quarter. or you can get yourself some of those new-fangled fancy pantsy electric socks.
  13. The answer is ... no, your butt makes you look fat.
  14. Sanders is somewhere in the neighborhood of 54 years old; I doubt he could put up stats anywhere near what the top running backs today do ... you chose poorly.
  15. This topic is getting tiresome, so this will be my last post on the subject. The Bills are a pass first team, the reason they don't keep opposing DCs up at night trying to figure out how to stop our running backs isn't because the running backs are any worse than other teams, on the contrary they rank top 3 in YPC, they are not worried because the Bills run/pass ratio is so pass heavy. The reason teams game plan against the Barkleys and Henrys of the league is that they know they are going to see them carry the ball about a zillion times a game, with Singletary, if they see him carry the ball 10 times a game it would be a lot.
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