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  1. Yeah I'd prefer Chiefs because of Andy Reid but I just want to see a good game.
  2. They're not stopping the Chiefs offense on a neutral field.
  3. Should the Packers bench Rodgers at the half? Discuss.
  4. I'm so happy this is happening to Rodgers.
  5. It should be high-scoring but I expect Chiefs to win rather handily. Chiefs 37...49ers 24
  6. It's a dime-a-dozen position. Next man up has the same value.
  7. Don't see why not. I've got nothing against him.
  8. It's because the NFL loves rich dudes more than anything in the world.
  9. It's ridiculous, isn't it? Dopey billionaires.
  10. Nantz: "Kansas City fans, are you ready to go back to the Super Bowl?" How many Chiefs fans at the game were alive the last time they were there (50 years ago)?
  11. I need to start gambling more. Should've been my New Years resolution.
  12. Two flags were thrown. The one shown in the vid and one thrown on the opposite side of the field after the backside hold. I don't know why the head official didn't announce both. Probably thought it was a pointless waste of time/breath.
  13. But that shouldn't be called a penalty at any point of the game. Let the professionals play.
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