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  1. He'll sign a 2-year contract extension with the Pats before training camp begins. Maybe even before free agency.
  2. No, the problem is that Pete Carroll is a dinosaur.
  3. Pete Caroll punted and Wilson never touched the ball again lol what a dope
  4. What did McDermott give as his explanation for that in his press conferences?
  5. A Head Coach that doesn't have the luxury of coaching a stacked roster that O'Brien is working with.
  6. Bill O'Brien is trash. That is all.
  7. It was 100% a drop. D’haquille blew it. He wasn’t out there for his speed and YAC ability. He was there to make plays on jump balls like that. And he failed. Most don’t get a single opportunity. D’haquille is not guaranteed a second. He’ll have to battle hard in training camp to prove he deserves a roster spot. It will be an uphill climb for him.
  8. jrober - you're smarter than that. Rich people never have enough. Multi-millionaires want to be billionaires.
  9. Brady's not going anywhere. Mr. Happy Ending will give him another offer he can't refuse under the table. I'm guessing a two-year contract.
  10. It was one mentally disturbed fan. Hopefully he seeks help before he harms himself or someone else.
  11. This makes no sense to me. If McDermott wasn't playing for a 3 score lead to end the first half, he would have ran the clock down with runs then kicked the FG. Instead, he was aggressive by letting his 2nd-year QB throw pass attempts into the end zone. If D'haquille doesn't drop a touchdown in the end zone, it's 17-0 Bills at halftime. How is that McDermott's fault? My problem with the coaching occurred in overtime when they forgot Singletary existed and decided to treat their offensive possession like a 2-minute drill even though there's virtually no game clock in overtime in the playoffs. Up to that point I thought McDermott put the players in place to win the game and the players failed to execute. If the Buffalo Bills offense were capable of scoring 100 points per game, they would. McDermott isn't telling them not to score. They're simply not good enough (yet?).
  12. Not sure what your point is but it sounds like you've never been married to a woman who made you feel like crap on a daily basis.
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