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  1. So glad to be rid of this drama queen. Allen and everyone else probably felt like they were walking on eggshells on a daily basis around Diggs. The level of relief the players and coaches probably feel now to be rid of him can't be measured. Replacing him with Samuel is not at all a significant downgrade on the field, if it's a downgrade at all. Having two miserable people like Diggs and Davis as captains was a horrible thing for this team IMO. Considering the off-the-field benefit, I think we'll see an offense with happier players. A more well-oiled machine where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Those were bad teams because they had bad quarterbacks and/or head coaches. It's not like the WR units were any worse than anywhere else. Hollins doesn't have to worry about his quarterback's ability like he did in Atlanta. Regardless, he's not going to be our #2 WR unless our top 3-4 wideouts tear ACL's. Pretty silly discussion tbh.
  3. It's still early April. The draft hasn't even happened yet. Take a chill pill. Hollins has been his team's #2 WR for two straight seasons now, fwiw.
  4. I wouldn't consider having Samuel-Shakir-Hollins with depth of Shorter-Isabella-Shavers as ignoring the position but regardless...stay tuned.
  5. Beane gets a pass because he's one of if not the sharpest general manager in the NFL and we as Bills fans are incredibly fortunate to have him. Has he been perfect? Of course not. But no one is perfect. That doesn't change the fact that he's excellent at his job. Anyone who can't see that is a moron, quite frankly.
  6. Lewis is a nickel corner and a special teams player. They gave him a 2 year deal to continue his role as Taron Johnson's backup. Hamlin is a safety. And not sure if you heard but he died on the field less than a year prior to most of the 2023 season, which is why he was inactive for most of the season. I expect him to be back to his old self in 2024.
  7. Lewis isn't even a safety and people mention him before Hamlin. Sad.
  8. With Taron's contract extension, here are the seven Bills players signed on through at least the 2027 season (with annual salaries)... QB Josh Allen - $43.01 WR Stefon Diggs - $24.00 OT Dion Dawkins - $20.17 DE Von Miller - $20.00 DT Ed Oliver - $17.00 DB Taron Johnson - $9.75 K Tyler Bass - $4.28
  9. Did it for his controlling wife. I don't blame him.
  10. Yes, yes - if Allen had better mental power, he would have forced Diggs to catch this touchdown pass like a Jedi.
  11. Did Kyle Schurmur leave? Or are they keeping two OQC's? I NEED TO KNOW
  12. I really think McDermott acknowledges that this has been an issue and promoting a young coach in Babich to DC and replacing the entire defensive coaching staff (along with some roster turnover) will hopefully spark something that has been missing on defense these last four seasons.
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