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  1. We had a Saquan Barkley on the practice squad. He moved to Charlotte.
  2. Same. This is one of the few exceptions.
  3. Crying after knowing you're done for the year and can't be there for your teammates is one thing. This ain't it. This picture is shows the equivalent of a 5 year old getting a sliver on the playground. He's probably getting a second opinion because the Pats team doctors told him his ankle is fine and he'll be able to play this weekend and in light of the reaction to the injury it's too embarrassing.
  4. Fins will still lose 7 or 8 games this year and finish the season irrelevant so I'm very skeptical that the rivalry is back.
  5. No one said anything about him being fired this season, to my knowledge. It's about the pressure on him going into 2023.
  6. McDermott is already getting heat from some of the biggest national media figures (Cowherd, Florio)...after ONE LOSS. When you're the head coach of the Super Bowl favorites the pressure is on you. And people aren't going to forget 13 seconds. You don't live in reality if you think McDermott's seat won't be scorching hot if he falls short of expectations.
  7. Of course I do. It's the nature of the beast. Are you new to this?
  8. Underrated play of the game was the ensuing kickoff/punt after the safety. The guy crushes a punt 73 yards and Crowder proceeds to take a dump, dancing around instead of just sprinting down the left sideline. Should've started the drive at around the 35-40 yard line. Instead, they start at the 23. That was huge. We need a better kick returner. Crowder ain't it.
  9. 💯 McDermott was not the problem yesterday. All anyone has to do is watch Allen throw a grounder to a wide open McKenzie in the corner of the end zone for what should have been the game-winning score to realize that player execution was the reason for the loss.
  10. It's PFF so "grain of salt" alert. Considering the D only gave up 21 points to an offense that looked great the week before, I'm a bit surprised. Also, did Cam Lewis not play?
  11. If the Bills don't at the very least reach the Super Bowl this season then McDermott's seat is going to be scorching hot heading into 2023.
  12. Brandon Beane addresses the coaches and players just before today's film review.
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