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  1. The only thing we know for certain about the covid-19 virus is that Belichick planted it knowing he wouldn't have the goat at quarterback and everyone would see what a fraud he is so he used it to cancel the 2020 season. Well played, Bill.
  2. Yes. Was there a hidden message there? Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they're intelligent at everything...or anything aside from the one thing that allowed him to be rich. Pegula is intelligent at creatively destroying the environment in effective ways and lobbying politicians to allow him to do so while "earning" more money than any single human should be allowed to have. That doesn't mean he makes intelligent sports team decisions or intelligently runs a hospitality business or is automatically capable of making intelligent decisions with regard to a health
  3. So the vaccine that could...maybe...possibly...hopefully exist sometime in the latter half 2021 could fail and "no one will really care anymore"? That's what we're banking on to end this nightmare? That people just stop caring about it?
  4. I won't weep for Aaron Rodgers. One of the biggest douche bags in sports.
  5. If they can't start the season on time then they should reduce it to 12 games.
  6. I know this is the time of year where hope springs eternal and thinking any of our incoming rookies could be Hall of Famers - even our UDFA's - is fine and dandy. However, I'm skeptical that a guy whose career high in rushing in a single season is just 504 yards is going to crush Bills training camp and beat our TJ Yeldon to be the team's #3 tailback. If he's that good, he wouldn't have been the third-string running back for a 6-6 team as a Senior.
  7. I would be shocked. And so happy. Which probably means there will be no 2020 season. Which obviously means Belichick is responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak.
  8. I didn't laugh but this kid isn't too bad. I thought the Law and Order one was better. His Boston accent is pretty good, and the premise was decent (Patriots fan torturing Bills fan with wide right on loop). Closest I came to a laugh was when he chucked in the bucket. He's fairly talented and has potential. He just need material that's more funny. Maybe someone can help him with the writing.
  9. Is there any doubt that the *patriots are going to be getting Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Jacoby Brissett, or someone similar? And drafting Fromm or any other dime-a-dozen mid/late round QB wouldn't have changed that.
  10. I'm still trying to figure out why so many think we need three punters on the roster.
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