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NFL Draft 2022 Second & Third Round Discussion Thread


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Just now, Bruffalo said:

You all are crazy for bashing Beane for collecting value by slightly moving back.  He clearly believes that the guy they'd pick anyways will be there and it's free house money.  Just silly to see people get all pissy.


Yeah, to be fair, I don't think we would have picked those who have gone between 57 and 59.


Question is what do we do now?

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2 minutes ago, ndirish1978 said:

Say it with me. WR WAS NOT IN PLAY IN RD 2. 

I think Skyy Moore was in play if he was there. Depends on how the rest of the draft would have fallen. 

I didn’t think Dean was in play, but I’m starting to think we could go that route if he is there. 

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4 minutes ago, PetermansRedemption said:

As nuts as it sounds, I wouldn’t hate it. I like his upside, he just needs a lot of polish. He could get it here. And likely, Allen will miss time somewhere in the next few years. Also, if Malik develops nicely you can get a return for him. 

How crazy would that be?  We’re waiting for a QB run to happen. It never does. We draft QB!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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