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1/23/22 Week 20 Divisional Playoffs Bills @ Chiefs PREGAME THREAD


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6 minutes ago, JohninMinn. said:

Motor is the key. Have to keep the Chiefs defense honest. I think we got this one. Bills 21-13.

21-13 is too low given the weather and those 2 QBs + when the bills win they always win by 12+

37-24 Bills



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5 minutes ago, DapperCam said:

In single elimination there is too much random crap to say the season is a failure based on one game.


If we play like crap and don’t show up then maybe I agree with you (see TEN offense yesterday, or GB offense/special teams).


Man, that was rough.  There was an early play where Chubb ripped off a big run and fumbled - and the ball went right to his teammate who fell on it.

I said right then, "gonna be a long day for the Thumbtacks"



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8 minutes ago, Albwan said:

No, no ... Arizona Coyotes eventually will win the cup.

Love the Kachina sweaters. Look, if rooting for the Sabres hasn't damaged my capacity to rationally assess the genuine ability of the Bills to win a SB this year, then you can't take refuge in the Yotes as an excuse for insufferable pessimism.

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25 minutes ago, Playoffs? said:

Agree, but NEED to draft well in upcoming seasons. Lots of money tied up with Josh and some impact players. Others are getting older. Huge if we can keep rolling with game changing players on rookie deals… or moneyball type acquisitions (like Poyer and Hyde when they came over).


The CAP is about to explode which will dampen the impact of Allen's contract.  Throw in the built in ability to adjust Allen's contract to free up money when needed and we're going to appreciate the genius of Bean's work here.



2 hours ago, Giuseppe Tognarelli said:

Not trying to derail the thread, but that's a tough debate to win with the cap situation.

The CAP is about to explode and that will mitigate Allen's contract big time.  Both Apple & Amazon have stated publicly that their number one priority is to significantly expand their live sports offerings and that means the NFL.  The bidding wars for NFL content in the coming years is going to be brutal and the cash will be flowing into league coffers.





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I told my my brother in law, who works in advertising in NY, that the NFL must be dying for a Brady vs Jimmy G title game next week.  I was shocked when he said the NFL's best case scenario is for a Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills Superbowl.  Working Class vs Flash, David against Goliath in Goliath's 5 Billion dollar house.  Hollywood celebs vs Bills Mafia. Guess that would be a good selling point.




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