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  1. This kid needs more weapons around him. I'm pretty excited about the future of this team with Josh Allen leading the way . Thanks for sharing that video! Can't wait!
  2. Happy Birthday to Jim and (RIP) Hunter Kelly. Two of the toughest people I’ve ever known. Go Bills!
  3. Clemson trump looks like a real stiff
  4. It almost looks like KC is throwing this game. Oooops, did I say that?
  5. Love all the responses! How about a big nasty Tight End that can catch the ball? 6'5 260 and runs a 4.6 that can catch the ball and get speration from the defenders. We haven't had a good Tight End on this team in years! The jury is still out on Knox and Sweeney. I say add a TE to that list.
  6. Tough tough tough loss! I knew going into this game we are still a couple players away from being the team we need to win in the playoffs. Josh Allen will be fine, get him a couple more play makers! Defense side of the ball. I'd like a younger faster LB to replace Zo and give me another pass rusher or two in this year's draft. We were up 16-0, I still don't know what happened. I thought we had this in the bag. My hat is off to House, he was a solid kicker down the stretch.
  7. Bills 44 Texans 3 We come ALIVE on Saturday!
  8. The early Saturday game is perfect for me also.
  9. I'm ready to run through a wall! That was fantastic!
  10. Hell, I might go buy a new TV today. Samsung anyone? 65 incher......Quantum series?
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