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  1. Hell, I might go buy a new TV today. Samsung anyone? 65 incher......Quantum series?
  2. My emotions are all over the place anticipating tonights matchup. I just hope Sean McDermott has this team ready for the war it's going to be. You know the Steelers will be taking a page from the Ravens blitzing Allen and being successful with it. Get the ball to Singletery and let's win this game! Go Bills!
  3. Bills 44 Ravens 13 Big statement game for Buffalo!
  4. A must watch! Yup, i teared up just a little bit. I hate when my allergies act up this time of the year. I was fortunate enough to watch the Bills in the 90's. Good time to be a Buffalo fan!
  5. I too had a long day yesterday and recorded it for this morning. I'm really looking forward to watching it. My wife stayed up last night and watched it before she came to bed. When she did come to bed she told me it was awesome and she can't wait to see me cry. Can't wait! Very very proud of our Buffalo Bills these days.
  6. Here is one of my favorite ZZ Top tunes! https://youtu.be/FyLXgAJIFBE I'm not sure how exactly to post the video here and not just a link. Sorry
  7. Does the offense get conservative when we have a lead or do I imagine it?
  8. Keep running the ball and get the tight ends involved in that passing game. More tight end passing!
  9. Can anyone recommend an app for lost phone assistance? My wife recently misplaced hers and found it without an app. Just curious what is the best app for something like this if it happens again. Thanks
  10. What happened to Duke Williams?
  11. Much better play today out of our offense. Still making progress. Nice to see Singletery and Knox getting more involved. A step in the right direction. 7-3 I love it.
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