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  1. I'd find a spot for this kid on our opening day roster. He has some type of special play making ability when you see him run. This is what we have been missing! I'm on board with team Wade.
  2. Is anyone else concerned that our punters or field goal kicker is not up to Par going into this season? I remember last year Steven had his struggles towards the end and our punters the same. After watching last night's game I've seen more of the same. Its safe to say we could see a couple new faces week one in our kicking game.
  3. Yup! Thanks for the shout out. I'm pretty excited they are televised tonight! I'll be home in front on the TV at 7! So it begins!
  4. It will be very close in terms of what team finishes better this season. I do like what the Jets did in the off season. They added some nice pieces to their squad without question.
  5. Wow, that brings back some memories. The homework thread was a classic. RIP NJ Sue
  6. My next tattoo might be some kind of Pancho Billa theme.
  7. RIP I'm heartbroken. Will never forget you brother!
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