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  1. Stay positive now! Sometimes other fans don't like or can't handle factual perspectives on games or future games.
  2. It's a pretty watered down NFL this season, I agree.
  3. I'm enjoying the ride, just keeping it real. What's the record of the teams we beat? Not good........
  4. Oh boy, we beat the Jets, Giants , Bengals, Titans. Not really that impressive so far considering what we have played for teams. They are ALL garbage and we lost at home to the Patriots. I'm not convinced just yet. Maybe it's just the AFC is that weak this year.
  5. I think we need all the offensive weapons we can get this year. That being said, YES I would bring him in for a look and see how he performs. Who's to say 36 year old Frank is going to make it through this schedule and we don't know how severe Devin's hammy is at this point. Hamstrings take forever to heal completely.
  6. Free agent running back Jay Ajayi is expected to work out for teams next week according to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Is he worth a look? Will Buffalo kick the tires on this one?
  7. Hope the best for Zay. It's unfortunate that he didn't work out in Buffalo. To me, it's a wasted 2nd round pick. Duke will fit in nicely and Josh seems comfortable throwing him the ball. Let's go baby!
  8. A permanent solution tight end on top of those!
  9. Offensive line was pretty good! Amen brother!
  10. Muddy muddy mess today for game conditions in Nashville. Bang Frank Gore up the middle!
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