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  1. Frez

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    Boy, this team is in dire need or wide receivers! These clowns are just awful!
  2. Ok, I will try. The pass was under thrown and wobbled like a wounded duck. If that pass had more steam and was a bit more tighter it would've been game over Buffalo wins. No doubt in my mind!
  3. After watching it again, that pass was absolutely horrible! Looks like a wounded floppy duck in the air. If that was just a little better pass, clay snags it. FYI..I love our rookie QB.
  4. Frez

    Is Shady done?

    McCoy does not look like the same RB he was last year. In my opinion it's time to move on and upgrade with a young RB in the draft. The evidence is on the field!
  5. Frez

    Jags @ Bills **Predict the Score**

    13-13 tie game
  6. Frez

    Charles Clay - back in 2019?

    No, Clay needs to go.