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Week 12: Bills at Saints — Predict the score 🦃 🦃


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If the Bills can win this game....

They have a shot at coming all the way back.

If Star and Brown didn't get extremely ill and can start practicing soon.

I'm pretty sure Feliciano will be ready for the next game too....

And if we don't suffer any horrible injuries tomorrow.

We have 11 days to our next game.

Which is the pats who play the Texans Sunday.

So the pats can't hide plays for us, they'll need to game plan for the Titans.

But we can really work on what's wrong with us. And have solid game plans for NE.

And get to full health.

Maybe that speed WR rookie can help somehow?

We're at home for the Monday nighter besides.

All these things lead me to Billieve we can slaughter the pats.

And get things rolling again.

But we have to win Sunday to get our faith back and get a W.

If we can win Sunday....

Bass has huge day in the dome.

Bills 23 - NO 16.

Bring on the pats!!!

Big Bonus prediction:

Bills 43, Pats 23.


Go Bills!

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Bills win. Don't care about the score. Could be 41-16. Could be 3-0. Don't care...get a win and go into a mini bye week and get right. 


I am feeling like we will see Josh's 1st red zone INT today though. Seems to be running less inside the 5 than he ever has before and trying to force the ball. I think one bites him today.

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Bills 42


Saints 13


The flip flop continues ;)

6 hours ago, LABILLBACKER said:

I predict a coach named Sean wins this game.

Bills 12 penalties 

Saints 9 penalties 


Theses refs must want the spot light and the turkey leg ;) 


This crew is 7 road and 5 home average ;)

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