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Jesse James drawing interest from Bills

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A hooker, an outlaw, and a lamp walk into a bar…

Jesse James and Buffalo Bill just go together.

Does he come with Meowth though?

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Could be the sneaky best pickup of the offseason for us.  Anyone who watched this kid in college knows he’s been grossly underutilized.  6’7, 255, with 4.8 speed and a tremendous blocker.  Sign me up!

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Guy's only 26 (soon to be 27), has great size, and is a good blocker. Actually had decent receiving numbers when he was with Pittsburgh before he went to the wasteland of Detroit. Seems like he would be a solid pickup at the right price.


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Live this (potential) move. More than an adequate replacement for Kroft and his one great advantage over Kroft is that he is not injury prone.


Get it done now Beane!! 

I suspect his price might go up after the draft. This is a position of need for us.

13 minutes ago, Coach Tuesday said:

A hooker, an outlaw, and a lamp walk into a bar…

Brilliant!! We already have the lamp and now hoping for the other two.

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I wanted him when he left Pittsburgh and went to Detroit instead.

Would be a good move.

Jets signed Kroft at $1.5M. I would have brought back Kroft at that amount.

Agree post draft makes sense. If you go CB, DT, edge in no specific order in the draft that doesn't leave much room for an impact TE pick.


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8 minutes ago, Bangarang said:

He’s Lee Smith with slightly better receiving ability. If he’s really cheap then cool. 


Slightly better? James had three seasons with Pittsburgh with more than 30 catches (career high 43) and has averaged about 10 yards per catch. The most catches Smith ever had in a season in his 10-year career is 12, and he's had only 2 seasons with 10 or more catches. James has more career TD catches (11) in 6 seasons than Smith had (10) in 10 seasons.


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