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  1. Don’t tell me how to live my life!
  2. Friggen Tremaine Edmunds. We should trade that guy!!!! Rabble!!!!!!
  3. Trade both 5ths and grab big nasty, Trey Smith! Nice write up, Gunner!!!!
  4. Cheap at an expensive position for the next several years... it’s almost as if we have a QB to extend...
  5. Carman! My Buffalo reach is Tremble.
  6. Breida... God I hope he regains some form because he could LITERALLY be what this offense has lacked for so long.
  7. I’m still waiting for my ovaltine secret decoder ring from little orphan Annie, to be able to crack this little gem wide open. NO SPOILERS!!!!
  8. Etienne seems like the guy they’d pick @ 30 if he’s there.
  9. He’ll continue to get meat from the weird butcher chick, coo coo crusties from Parker and Drake as a stand in without lines.
  10. This is WAY too logical! Only Spock would approve of this nonsense! Rabble!!! RABBLE, RABBLE, PITCHFORK, JERBS, RABBLE!!!!
  11. Could be a sneaky signing. I remember him cashing in after his big 2017. Solid acquisition in the mold of EJ Gaines, (but with the potential to not get injured by rampant fruit flies and hovering clouds.)
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