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  1. Oh man…. How I wish this could somehow happen. It would probably take a first and Beasley though. Don’t think they’d settle for Sanders. I’d do it though. All day! Is this where I…. Hold on…. Let me find it… GET ER DONE, BEANE!!!!!
  2. Both were fantastic! The argument I could imagine is Diggs was a beast Before Allen, whereas Allen shined WITH Diggs. Not my argument though. I think Allen makes the entire team better. Can’t wait for round 2!
  3. Baker’s ego seems to write checks his talent can’t cash. It kinda fires me up how much he’s gushed over, since he’s never had less than a stellar arsenal of talent around him, yet hasn’t (in my mind at least) lived up to expectations. He’s already being gushed over for the upcoming season, as well. Josh has generational talent, to your point. But that aside, his answer of “I don’t need to work on my craft” (I know, I generalized), really shows something about who he is. Josh is just the total package. So glad Beane ignored me when I screamed “Rosen”, at my TV.
  4. This is a “how dare you” and “I can’t help but chuckle “ post, all wrapped up in one!!! BRILLIANT!!!!
  5. That’s super overlooked, too! The ones that go on to win, definitely seem to overcome some sort of early adversity. Allen has done it collegiately and at the pro level. I think we have something extremely special in this young guy. And I say that having been firmly in the “wrong Josh” camp. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash that Rosen stink off my soul.
  6. We’ve come a long, long way!!!! But I hope Davis shocks the world this year. He looks faster, reportedly, so there’s that little chestnut.
  7. What are you possibly watching that leads you to that conclusion???????? At some point we have to take off our safety partisan shrink wrap and call things honestly.
  8. This! I’m a “Kennedy” Crat. Personal accountability and serve your country. What’s happened is a progressive needle has moved so far left that it no longer represents anything close to that anymore. Today’s liberal (the exact ones Malcolm warned us ALL about 50 years ago), have taken the party hostage. It’s really showed in spades after the election and it breaks my heart. Everyone is now focused outward on the problem and nobody is looking inward on the bigger problem. The good Democrats (Tulsi for example) can’t advance because of their party’s in-fighting and other nefarious things.
  9. I don’t expect the Bills to pony up, to be honest. Just my opinion though.
  10. I hope he can shut down wideouts like he did his Twitter account!
  11. I assumed these were imported from Los Angeles!?!?!?!? We should probably be a little lenient on both, all things considered.
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