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1/17/21 Division Round: Browns at Chiefs 3:05 pm on CBS

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1 minute ago, PetermansRedemption said:

If you know 100% Mahomes isn’t playing, I take the Chiefs. Problem is I feel he clears in a week. I’d rather take the known commodity in Cleveland. 

I fully expect the league to push the game back a few days to give him time to clear.

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5 minutes ago, nkreed said:

The Cleveland and KC fans would say the same about the Bills.


Yeah, because winning the Divisional Round of the playoffs by 14 points against the second hottest team in the NFL is not impressive.  Happens all the time.  😀


Pretty sure we just gave up a total of 3 points to the same team that put up 47 points  a couple games ago while beating the Browns.  


As for the Chiefs, they have not looked good in months.  Not even a bit of concern about the Chiefs. 

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