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‘Did You Know’ thread about the Bills

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Did you know the standing Buffalo logo is the only logo in professional sports with a penis?

He pooped a diamond? what a stroke of good luck!

It should be bigger. 😠

The All American Football Conference Buffalo Bisons, playing at War memorial Stadium in 1946, played in a division with the NY Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers and Miami Seahawks. They did not become the Bills until 1947. The color line was broken in football in 1946 by the Cleveland Browns of the All American Football Conference with Marion Motley and Bill Willis.

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Ralph Wilson initially wanted to put a team in Miami before settling on Buffalo.


A minority owner of the Detroit Lions,[7] Wilson got wind of Lamar Hunt's plans for a new league, the American Football League, to challenge the NFL. He tried to put together a team in Miami, but was turned down. His next choice was Buffalo, where the AFL's first choice of owner, Pat McGroder, had declined to start a team. In September 1959, Wilson sent Hunt a telegram with the words, "Count me in with Buffalo.”[8] He named his new team the Bills, after a previous team that had played in the All-America Football Conference from 1946 to 1949. On October 28, 1959 the Buffalo Bills officially became the seventh AFL team

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Did you know when the Bills play in all reds, and the Jets play in all greens, there are some people on this planet who can’t tell what the hell is going on? 


Not to mention, it’s a really ugly event!!!





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