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Edmunds on last play...

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You want him to do what, beat two blockers?

Um....he was double teamed by a receiver and lineman...   Not saying he's playing good, but that's not a play I would point to.

If Harrison Phillips does anything like his job maybe you don't have two blockers on Edmunds. I have been critical of Tremaine this year but you can't look at him in isolation of what goes on around h

7 minutes ago, realtruelove said:

Edmunds is a major liability on EVERY play.  Watch the film.  If he is hurt he shouldn't be playing.  


So who should be playing? Half of this forums wanted AJ Klein to be cut at the halftime.


I am not talking about you specifically but I always wonder why does this "cut" crowd think there are better players on the street.

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16 minutes ago, Coach Tuesday said:

He had two guys running right at him including a lineman.  I’m not a big Edmunds fan but come on - that is not the play to highlight for the haters.

“The haters”?


I want the kid to succeed.


But How can anyone justify his play.

Because I say he is playing awful this year,  (which is true) that makes me a hater?

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1 minute ago, Reks Ryan said:

Seriously, the OP is posting one of Bills best most impactful plays in the last 20 years, as a negative?


Anyway, thanks for posting. I gladly watched it about 10 times in á row


Some people just have to go to the negative, they can’t help it. I think that 6-2 is................6-2. I’ll gladly take that. The only two losses were to last year’s AFC Championship game teams. Not horrible losses. 


Not a great game, but any win is a win in the NFL. 

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Just now, Figster said:

Well it probably is the wrong play to highlight.


I'm also not a hater...



Maybe, maybe not. But it still showed him getting blown up by a backup RB.


Seems like there’s always reasons why it’s not “Edmunds fault”, instead of us saying, “what a play”.

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Edmunds played much better today but still made some big mistakes in the second half.  Don’t forget the

NE o-line is still legit.   Let’s just hope he continues to improve.  He seemed more decisive today, which is nice to see.  

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I said the same thing in another thread and I hate to repeat myself but I think it’s important.. Buffalo needs a 6’5 365lbs NT we can plug into the center of that DL..  Most LBs can’t take on a 330lbs o-lineman.. they’ll get destroyed, even Ray Lewis would in his prime would get blown up.. Our DL is too light.. I want two big run stuffing DTs in the center of that DL next year and I think we’d be golden.. You still draft a LB with that first pick though and you sign Milano to a 1 year prove it deal.. 5th year option on Edmunds gets declined..

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5 minutes ago, realtruelove said:

I would like him to succeed as bad as everyone else.  The Bills need to shore up their defense and linebacker is a glaring weakness right now.

^This ^

We all want Edmunds to do well but it's flat out not happening at all.


Yes, this play prob isn't the best example, once the all 22 comes out people are going to be like WTF is going on here? Today was probably the worst game of his young career. Not sure why people get called haters if they see a glaring hole or weakness in our team right now.


Sometimes the truth hurts. 

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