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Matt Araiza signs with Chiefs

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1 minute ago, zow2 said:

Don't the Chiefs already have one of the best punters?  I could be wrong.  I thought the guy they have is good.  Maybe we can sign him if Araiza beats him out.

Chiefs saving money by moving off Townsend.  

Would certainly make sense for them to save money with a guy we drafted while we pay market rate for a top punter. 

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4 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

We could have signed him the practice squad after the cut though and at least held his rights a little longer to see how things finished.


Total waste of a spot during the season and doesnt lessen the distraction one bit. Wasnt worth it.


Cutting him then was the right move (really the only move). Now, if you want to question not re-signing him before the Chiefs, that's different. But it takes two to tango there and maybe he didnt want to come back here.


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6 minutes ago, Brand J said:

I think that Bills Chicks group really led the charge in getting him cut. If fans didn’t immediately take sides and waited for it all to play out, the organization wouldn’t have been under immense pressure to act without evidence. I just think a non-football related suspension would’ve been more fair than an outright cut.


Oh i understand the push back the Bills would have got but if so why weren't they worried about the push back when it came to Von ? I can probably think of $120 million reasons .  


They at least let the dust settle and just because it's Von and the fact that his girl has a hot temper that makes it all okay ? To this point we have heard absolutely nothing with regards to that incident which it is a personal situation but he was arrested yet no actions were taken .


Just saying .

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Townsend is FA this year.  He was a captain, but they can essentially move to his replacement on the cheap. Unless he’s gotten markedly better at it, it does nothing for them if Araiza is kicking from mid field and constantly banging it through the end zone. Where it obviously helps is flipping the field if they are backed up. Maybe he’ll screw up holding for Butker since supposedly that was the biggest concern they had with him going into that season. 

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1 minute ago, streetkings01 said:

You do know punting is bad right?

Guarantee you they aren’t paying him much and get a guy who was drafted for a reason.  

Let’s just take the L on this.  Hilariously ridiculous situation all around in every which way imaginable - concluding in the only way it ever would have.. Araiza in KC. 

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Hate this.  We need a new punter and used a draft asset to get him.  Could have easily brought him back and got value on that draft pick still. 

And having a guy with his leg and athletic ability in poor weather conditions would have also been nice.  

Does it mean we are doomed…no…just a clear missed opportunity to add young competition cheaply at a spot we need more competition and recoup some value from the pick we invested in him.  

The rub is that he is with Chiefs now and will get his shots at getting back at the Bills for not at least bringing him back after he was cleared.

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1 hour ago, JMM said:

Seems a bit strange, first of all the timing,  but more importantly they already have a terrific punter in Townsend. So unless they are releasing him for salary issues this signing makes little sense 

Townsend wants to be paid. KC will save a few millions with this move.

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If they re-sign Tommy Townsend to a guaranteed contract, Araiza will most likely just be a Camp Leg.


I'd wait until we see what they do with their All Pro Punter before freaking out.


I don't think anyone signing Araiza right now are just handing him the job. He's a reclamation project at this point.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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