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Bills @ Chiefs Postgame Thread


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4 minutes ago, SydneyBillsFan said:

No doubt I'll get hammered for this take but....


1. O-line got mauled.


2. D-line fell off the cliff again in the second half. Zero sacks.


3. Receivers MIA.


Pyrrhic victory. We're not threatening the top teams with this level of play.

Um, we just happened to beat one of the 3 top teams in the AFC 

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3 minutes ago, GottaRun said:

On the road we took Philly to OT and beat the Chiefs, who the hell can be feeling miserable right now?! 

They’re 7-5 fighting for their playoff lives. Pissed the game away against Philly and tried to do it again against KC. I swear it’s the little things that hold them back. I’m not miserable because the Bills can beat anyway but they have to quit inflicting self induced mistakes.


On to Dallas and need to get a W.

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24 minutes ago, Chicharito said:

I got ravens vs. 49ers in the bowl 

Who are you? And why should we care?



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3 minutes ago, Marcus Aurelius said:

Andy Reid bitchin' after the game




3 minutes ago, Carmel Corn said:

So Andy Reid is upset with the officiating as well (per NBC).  Not sure what the specifics are.

Like a vaguely get what he's saying about the penalty, but at the same time when you look at the replay he's not even ***** close to where he's supposed to be, there was no way he was getting away with being there.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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