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Are people really that unhappy with our 4-2 Bills?


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3 minutes ago, BigDingus said:


I've never quoted myself before, but I wasn't too far off! 


Still waiting on that "good stretch" though... 😅

I might need a break as well. After the SB years a I took one

Was on the Train when they drafted Josh and McBeanes

Time for another break

Hopefully my next avatar will be more positive


 3rd and long


 Cheers My Friends all and goodbye

 for now

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On 10/19/2023 at 1:08 PM, Wayne Arnold said:


The season is more than just the last game or two.


Considering they're #3 in DVOA and at least Top 5 in every analytical ranking makes it pretty loud and clear that the Bills are legit Super Bowl contenders in 2023.


No offense but your post is ridiculous.

Ridiculous you say 🤔 

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On 11/6/2023 at 11:34 PM, Wayne Arnold said:


Wrong about what? Is the season over? What kind of loser bumps a thread after every loss because they're butthurt that someone thought at 4-2 the season wasn't over? ***** off, respectively.

Season is over now. They will be lucky to win 9 games. 

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Yeah, you are what your record says you are. But red flags were everywhere even at 4-2. The Giants game made me realize this was a very flawed team. The Patriots loss made me realize this team was most definitely not doing anything substantial this season. The Bengals loss just reconfirmed that feeling. Even if we won this game, there were still.more issues than good things about this team.


BTW, the Patriots/Giants? They will be playing in the tank bowl in week 12. We should have lost to both. Did lose to NE.

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On 10/18/2023 at 1:54 PM, eball said:

I just don't know what to make of this board and our fans these days.  To the uninformed observer, if you just looked at the threads on the first page you'd assume this was a bottom-feeding squad.  The Bills are #3 in scoring offense and scoring defense, +4 in takeaways, and are right in the position most expected them to be when the season began.


Nobody ever won the Super Bowl in October, and history is replete with scads of teams that looked "unbeatable" at this juncture and didn't lift the Lombardi.


Lately, the issue is with <yawn> Dorsey again...bad gameplan, can't get the ball to anyone other than Diggs, yada, yada, yada.  What I saw Sunday night was a slow start on offense fueled by an untimely fumble, a drop, and a fantastic tip/interception by the Giants on a pass headed to Knox for a big gainer.  When the team returned from halftime they marched down the field twice for TDs and were a fingertip catch away from icing the game.


Is everything perfect?  Of course not!  But it never is, and crucifying Dorsey on October 18 -- two weeks after he was called brilliant for his gameplan vs. Miami -- is the perfect lens through which to view Bills fans.


Maybe a lot of you really have nothing else to do but sit around and dream up wild conspiracy theories about how Josh could force his way out of Buffalo, psychoanalyze whether Brian Daboll and Sean McDermott have a blood feud, or criticize the Bills for using Diggs as their first option in the passing game.


They lost two games by a total of 11 points!


The ONLY thing that matters is that the Bills grind out wins so they put themselves into decent playoff position, and that they are playing their best football in DECEMBER.


"But it's a fan message board.  That's what we do."


Ok.  You be you.  I'll continue to look at what is going right, share my opinions in an upbeat way, and show some faith in the players and coaches to work on what they need to work on.  This can still be a very special season; the league is wide open.


Go Bills!

18-2, Babyyyyyy!!!




This aged so, so poorly. 🤣


Pattern recognition, people.  We went through this exact same scenario after the Green Bay game last season.  The concerns expressed (that got the people saying them mocked) were later validated.  And this season everything played out exactly the same as last season.


I really wanted to be proven wrong, but the signs were there, clear as day to anyone with their eyes open.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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