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Expressions/Phrases You Hate


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1 hour ago, Augie said:


Is that anything like…..”he was givin’ him the business”?  😂 


That's one I wouldn't mind hearing more often! 🙂 


Like I never get tired of the clip of Vince Lombardi yelling, "What the hell is goin' on out there?" I find myself saying that every now and then while watching the Bills.


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5 minutes ago, Gugny said:

See what I’m sayin’ ?


I see emotions as colors, sometimes, but I never see your words.   😋


NOW, at a December/January tailgate everyone knows when you’re talking. Even on mute.  

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1 hour ago, Another Fan said:

He or she is living their best life 



When someone starts out a conversation, "You probably don't know this" but yada yada yada........   to me there's hidden passive aggressiveness there 

"Passive Aggression"



What's wrong with being passive aggressive? Is active aggression better?

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I will add as an honorable mention  the 'vomit' emoji.. for obvious reasons.  Its an "expression" of disgust.  Sometimes when I see them they make me laugh but otherwise I just think they're mean. Aka the cowardly hit and run dont need to explain yourself disgust Dig.


me no likey.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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