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Bills Mafia Insanity Video

Mark Vader

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Uhm.  Not sure what I watched!  😂


Was there a website or something to visit that I missed?


I will say, the drone shots were pretty cool, along with the couple of continuous takes.  Not easy to have a continuous take at all, especially with action shots like they did.  All being shot from a drone.

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Nice, makes me want shout!

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They did a great job of editing! At first you'd think it was a one-take, but it was very clever and creative editing. 


I'm assuming all the spoken parts were post production addins, but they did a really good job of making the sounds feel correct.


Still don't get the premise... And Jerry Jones is the villain?

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The drone stuff was awesome. But I'm still trying to figure out the plot. Was it confiscating the Josh Allen portrait? Was it rescuing the Mafia Book? Mostly looked like a bunch of cool, random Bills stuff. A lot of Bills cliches. And I think the left dolphin was out of sync. 

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Wow all one shot - wonder how many takes! 



But really, very cool to see such a seemingly complicated production being made in our City. 

It might have helped if they did a group shot of the villains approaching the building to establish what I think was the plot - Bills Mafia defending its HQ from invading opponents. 

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I spent 2 grand on a drone during lockdown. 

I can successfully go straight up, I’m pretty amazing at going 90 degrees left and right, and I only broke one set of blades crashing into a tree as I didn’t realize “auto crash avoidance” didn’t work if you purposefully fly towards a tree. 


Anyone want a drone for like $500? 😂

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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