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Hopkins released by Arizona (7/16: signed by Titans)


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3 minutes ago, Bob Jones said:

You sure about that? 

Casa Azulejo.png

I read it as you meant @dannylicker 


turns out Nate Geary is a giant douche, which we all knew anyway, who threw away the bit of credibility he had based on his part time employer. 


carry on 

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3 minutes ago, Gunsgoodtime said:

Where is the Pegula jet???  We need an update! Lol

No, Deandre is at the Mighty Taco on Sheridan. No need for Terry to send a jet. Dude was just really looking for Authentic Mexican; impossible to find in AZ. I know. I lived there. 

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7 hours ago, nucci said:

kick the tires, don't overpay, on the cheap, team friendly deal


"On 3, READY... BREAK!!!"


7 hours ago, BUFFALOTONE said:

I got a crisp $20 to throw in...


Crisp currency does not have greater, value dumb dumb.


7 hours ago, ALLEN1QB said:

No way he comes to Buffalo we are just not that lucky.


Is that what you were saying when Von Miller became a Bill?


7 hours ago, Special K said:

They might be interested in him, but why would Hopkins be interested in noodle-arm Mac Jones as his QB???


Don't you mean Bailey Zappe?


6 hours ago, Chandler#81 said:





My... you have a large font...


6 hours ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

Everytime I get excited about something like this….some other team comes out of nowhere and makes it happen. Please let this be the time that we pull the trigger


Have you considered not getting excited? Maybe the reverse strategy? Just a thought.


6 hours ago, Gregg said:

That like comparing a Porsche to a tricycle.


What brand of tricycle?


5 hours ago, Ray Finkel said:

I remember when the Bills went and added James Lofton to their roster at the age of 35.  He gave us 3 solid years and made us a Super Bowl contender.  


Difference is Lofton could take the top of a defense and that was hugely helpful to Kelly, Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas.


DHop on the other hand never could take a top off a defense and now he's older and slower.


23 minutes ago, 0017 said:

My son just called casa azul, they said deandre Hopkins is not there. But she also wasn’t sure who that is soooo 😂


Your son is... a she?


20 minutes ago, Starr Almighty said:

you were saying 🤣🤣🤣🤣


That's DeAndre HoSkins!!! *****!!!


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59 minutes ago, fergie's ire said:

And even if he DOES care about the money, he's getting 22 mil not to play for Arizona, so he can afford to play somewhere cheap.

Actually, I don't think that's quite true.   He won't be getting ANY "new money" from the Cardinals in 2023.   That 22 mil (or more) is what Arizona is on the hook for in "dead cap space" money for what they have already paid him in the past.   He made a LOT over the past 2 years, but he's not getting paid by them now (or in the future).

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3 minutes ago, purple haze said:

The money will have to be right. It’s a business.

A business where you get fired if you don’t win the Super Bowl. Especially when you have Allen as QB.


 Do it. It’s good for business

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I think when Hopkins saw what OBJ was able to get, even after sitting out all last year, he's is going to want something close to that ($15 mil/yr, with a possible additional $3 mil more with "incentives").

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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