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DHopkins would cost a 2nd round pick...would you do it?


Curious to see what people think of the price tag...  

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  1. 1. Would you spend this year's 2nd rounder to get DHop?

    • Yes
    • No

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Nope. Not happening for a second round pick. Not with that contract. My caveat is that if AZ wants to eat a huge portion of his salary this year then I’d change my answer to yes. But I do not think they will do that. Fifth round to get it done or I wait until they have to cut him.

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31 minutes ago, Ridgewaycynic2013 said:

Does DHop tend to DRop? 🤔

Reference his TD catch against the Bills with White, Hyde & Poyer all mugging him. He was one of the top receivers in the league, with Allen throwing him the ball, he could be again.


I think the Chiefs want him too, that's something else to consider.

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That may be what they want (if it is, the asking price has already dropped a bit from where it was several weeks ago if the reports are true), but that probably won't be the final price.  I've thought all along a 3rd (and maybe a late rounder) gets the deal done as long as they eat some of the contract. 


If I'm Beane, I find a way to get this done.  Yes, picks are important, but they are meant to find impact players for our team.  No matter who we draft this year in rounds 3 or later, they won't have near the impact that Hopkins would for us over the next couple of seasons.  Heck, depending on who we take in the 1st round, they may not have nearly the effect that Hopkins would on our team.  He immediately takes our WR corps from slightly above average to one of the best in the league if everyone stays healthy.  No WR in this draft will do that.  No other player in the entire draft can make that happen, including the top WRs there.  So yeah.....find a way to get this done for a 3rd or later, still be able to draft the best players available with your first 2 picks and this draft will be a success.

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