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Poyer is back! Resigning with Bills


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5 minutes ago, Justin C said:

Best part of this news to me is it shores up our secondary. Assuming Bentford stays at CB are Top 4 there are set as well as our top 2 safeties. 

this is the time to experiment w/ benford at safety if that was on the table. love that we have one less hole to plug in the draft. instead of likely needing to go S in top 3 rounds, we dont need too. could draft a mid rounder to redshirt/apprentice.  obv speculation, but not "needing" to go S early lets the position fall to us

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Hopefully it’s a cap friendly deal - $4-5m cap hit this year, going up next but with option to cut. My guy tells me he misses a lot of games next year. No longer playing for a next contract…

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25 minutes ago, Big Blitz said:



The Missus will not be happy to have to keep her bikinis packed Sept thru January, but I've always thought in the final run Poyer does not let her keep his balls in her purse where professional decisions are involved.

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Good.  They need a long-term answer at both safety spots soon,  but I'd rather not open up another hole on the defense this offseason if it can be avoided.  I'm glad they managed to keep him. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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