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Single vs Double Elimination Tournament

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22 minutes ago, Zerovoltz said:

Love the irony here.


the regular season is a grind and players get hurt and it pushes the season further into winter so let’s:


play even more games and push it even further into winter.

by the comments so far, not sure you guys know how a double elimination tournament works.   whatever. it was  just a thought.  go bills

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There is a reason football is one and done in the playoffs. It's the most physically demanding sport there is. That's why there are only 17 games as opposed to the 82 you get with Hockey and Basketball or the 162 you get with Baseball. With double elimination in football, you're essentially asking these players to play upwards of 25 games a season. Football isn't made for that. Keep it the way it is

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There are a lot of reasons why a single-elimination tourney isn't necessarily "fair," but the physical nature of football doesn't lend itself to anything else. I've resigned myself to the fact that the best team in the NFL isn't necessarily the one that wins the Super Bowl.



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On 1/24/2023 at 8:03 AM, Xwnyer said:

I’d rather see going back to 16 week season and a week off before playoffs. 8 teams in playoff four division winners n four wild cards.  Division winners play at home first round after that reran led

The OP's idea is not good, but this is what should be done. No team should get that bye. It's too big of an advantage.

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On 1/24/2023 at 8:16 AM, Mr. WEO said:

imagine how emotionally exhausted the Bills would be in a double elimination scenario.


none of them would survive.  pass.


well the Bills should be in good shape since they apparently climbed the Himalayas this past season

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On 1/24/2023 at 7:45 AM, ProcessTruster said:

The way the NFL does the playoffs

-  Going later and later into the winter

-  One and done format


and with injuries mounting due to the season getting longer and longer, I'm not sure that determining the Super Bowl Champion is becoming slightly more and more random.   Von made the point that In other sports a team can come back in the playoffs and advance.   In the NFL you get one shot, lose and you're out.   Have a few key guys out at exactly the right time or some other one-off condition, and you're out.  Fini


Why not have a double elimination playoff tournament?   Put 8 teams in from each conference.  Two byes each.  If you lose, you get a second game the next week.


The NFL gets more playoff games, more revenue, blah blah, so can eliminate another preseason game or two (which no one watches and generate little rev for the league and are unnecessary/generate injuries).  Move the start of the regular season up a couple weeks.   Play playoff games with good teams instead of preseason games that are meaningless.  


This takes some of the randomness out of the playoffs and keeps fans engaged longer.   I want teams playing with as full rosters as they can, so we can see who is the best, not just the best on a particular day.   Plus you lose twice in a row in the playoffs and now you really know you have work to do.  



When will the SB be held, Easter Sunday?  If only still playing one game per week a double elimination takes much longer.  Also gives many teams a number of byes once past 1st round.  It works well in baseball as the team who lost often plays a doubleheader game to get back to winners bracket and play on.

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Since the Bills are never good enough to do it with whatever the current rules are, the league should just rotate Division winners each year where only 1 gets to move on from the Afc and Nfc to the playoffs, which will be bypassed because only 2 teams move on, sending them straight to the SB.  Change which division leader moves in each year.  Then swap each years winner being 1 year from the Afc, the next the Nfc, meaning no need to play the SB either, giving the random Division winner the SB title.  Maybe the Bills will win one then.  If that dont work, change the rules to where whatever team with the best record that regular season that has never won a SB gets the SB title.  We will surely win one then eventually.

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