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  1. I can handle Murphy/Tasker in small doses, but hit the kill switch immediately at 3pm when Schopp comes on. He is bad enough during the football season and even worse now that we are in a sports lock down and he needs to tell us about his daily sacrifices re: working from home. At least he is working, unlike a lot of other folks right now. I have been listening to WEEI out of Boston on Radio.com instead. It makes my day to hear the Pats fans all whining about their football apocalypse now that Tommy boy is leaving along with the other players they have lost. If we have to hear about Brady anyway, we might as well hear it from the demoralized Cheaters themselves.
  2. As long as they have Belichick, NE will continue to be be a thorn in our side. Hopefully the magic was all Brady and not the Hoodie. I guess we will find out this season.
  3. Pats defense takes a hit losing Collins to Detroit and Van Noy to Miami. Most likely more comp picks for them in 2021. Damn Patriots.....
  4. Your post is right on point. There are ways to keep the draft and do it in a manner than does no impose undue health risks on anyone. The country needs some return to normalcy where possible. Keeping the draft would go a long way towards achieving it. Plus, I can't take many more Leave it to Beaver reruns as alternatives to the sports world.
  5. The Bills should consult with us amateur General Managers/personnel gurus here on TBD before making these moves!
  6. I'm still waiting for the Bills to break the "last playoff win was 1995 drought". We need to get that monkey off our backs and eliminate this as something the national "experts" can continually throw back in our faces. If that is cheapened by the new CBA, so be it.
  7. Good points raised. You hit on the various key strategic aspects of the new CBA to be considered going forward. Let's focus on these vs. 25 posts debating whether or not pot penalties are included in the CBA.
  8. If true, this really puts Detroit in a good spot at #3. Assuming what they say about keeping Stafford they could really squeeze Miami, Carolina or the Chargers for a trade-up. Unfortunately, they are still the Lions so one can only guess how they will mess it up......
  9. WGR's sister Entercom station in Detroit, "The Ticket 97.1", mentioned on the air last week that the Bills were one of the teams supposedly contacted by the Lions. They said Detroit is looking for a 2nd and a 5th. Slay apparently is looking for Top 3 money. He and Patricia don't get along and that may be playing into this as well. The Lions fans are not too enamored by their version of "New England Midwest", i.e. GM Bob Quinn and HC Patricia, and were totally frustrated when both didn't get canned this year.
  10. There is another wild A$# rumor making the rounds on Detroit sports talk radio today (take it for whatever that is worth!) that the Lions are talking to the Bills and others about acquiring CB Darius Slay for a 2nd, 5th and another mid-round pick to be named later. Slay is unhappy in Detroit playing for Patricia. A top notch CB, but his contract is coming to an end and he is looking for "elite" money from the Lions. No way the Bills tie that kind of money up with him and give Tre'Davious White the money he will command/deserve.
  11. But I do miss the "old days" and our heated rivalry with Miami. Still remember Brian Cox flipping us all off at then named Rich Stadium. But I agree, today we would be better aligned with the AFC Central.
  12. Don't forget, with Bosa you also get Mama Bosa. Remember the pain she caused the Chargers when they drafted her son. She would drive Beane and McDermott crazy.
  13. I'm assuming the Jags will stay in London the week between the two games vs. making the long haul back to Florida for a couple of days. Doesn't this place the visiting team for the second consecutive game at a big disadvantage re: travel distance, jet lag, etc? Of course, I'm sure the NFL doesn't care. It's all about the $$$$.
  14. Obviously a lot can happen between now and next season, but I could take a wild a$# guess and see the sports books putting the Bills at over/under 9 wins for next season. We still don't have a lot of respect from the national "experts" and the points noted about the tough 2020 schedule are right on. Putting $$ on the over will be tough if this is the case, unlike the past season where the over under was 6 or 7 in most books.
  15. If the Bills do draft him, I hope he doesn't have the "sentenced to death look" on his face that fellow Clemson alum, Sammy Watkins, displayed when it was announced he was headed to Buffalo!
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