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  1. He's football tough. If he played in MLB that injury would probably sideline him for 2 months.
  2. Unfortunately, this kid has had some knee issues, which when combined with having to play for Matt Patricia, have hindered his performance. Not sure the benefit would outweigh the risk.
  3. Not sure Rodgers will want to go the retirement route as it means he has to pay back almost $30M in prorated sign bonus/2021 bonus $$$. I'm sure the Jeopardy gig doesn't pay that kind of cash.
  4. Maybe MLSE can get Bon Jovi to buy the Argos. His pal Robert Craft can loan him the money to make the purchase.
  5. My wife says the same thing about me, but I'm still here!
  6. Ford will help the offense, but I'd feel better if he could also help us cover tight ends and generate a pass rush.
  7. We old timers will recall the year when the Jills had Buffalo Jack. I think it was only for one season, but it was too long ago to be certain. Poor guy took a ton of abuse from us obnoxious fans in the end zone. Different time/different attitudes, for sure.
  8. Kind of like purchasing a sports franchise(s) and naming your spouse the President........
  9. It was interesting to see the comment on ProFootballtalk that Seattle considered a trade of Wilson for Cleveland's #1 in 2018 with the idea of then selecting Josh Allen. Not sure how serious Seattle really was? All I know is I couldn't stomach Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen as our QB. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/07/report-seattle-has-received-calls-about-a-possible-russell-wilson-trade/
  10. Good for him, I wish I had enough cash stashed to go out and do something for fun vs. a living. On the other hand, he may regret his choice once all of the football moms come screaming at him because their kid isn't getting enough playing time with the starters!
  11. Stafford got his fill of the "Patriot Way" with Patricia and Quinn. No way he wants to finish his career in that environment.
  12. Not sure, but I do know he has 6 Super Bowl rings. I'd be happy with one for McDermott and team.
  13. It is a great feeling to be having this discussion at the end of January vs. just after Halloween like we have for the last 25+ years.
  14. There is talk that Jim Caldwell, Stafford's former HC in Detroit, is in play for the Texans HC opening. Caldwell and Stafford got along very well together. Could be a good fit. Would Watson want to go to Detroit though?
  15. What is the dumbest thing ever is listening to Colin Cowherd to begin with.
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